Gatsby Explained

Gatsby Explained

Gatsby can pull in data from a variety of sources, apply this data to templates, and produce HTML, CSS and JavaScript files that function as websites and applications. 

Gatsby Explained walks you through installation, creating code that is easy to use, adding/handling images, and using plugins and packages to extend Gatsby’s functionality options. Finally, you’ll learn how to deploy a site efficiently!

  • Clear instruction: Learn Gatsby by following easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Hands-on learning: Master Gatsby by building a complete React application.
  • PDF Pages 132
  • Last updated September 3, 2020
  • Release date August 2020
  • Formats PDF & epub
  • ISBN-13 979-8679971998

WordPress Explained Highlights

Hands-on learning
On-target analogies
Plugins & packages
Crystal clear visuals
Extensively tested material
Pages & posts
Simple explanations
No experience required

How do I get
Gatsby Explained?

Gatsby Explained is available right now in PDF and ePUB formats for OSTraining members.

The book is also available for order in Paperback and Kindle format.

Gatsby Explained Table of Contents 

      • Welcome
      • Gatsby Explained
      • Getting Started with Gatsby
      • Creating Pages in Gatsby
      • Creating Posts in Gatsby
      • Images in Gatsby
      • Extending Gatsby with Plugins and Packages
      • Deploying a Gatsby Site
      • Taking Gatsby Further

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