About OST

Since 2008, OSTraining has been online, teaching people from all areas of the globe.  We go to great effort to ensure that our content is informative, clear, structured, and taught by working experts in the field so that our members receive the best training possible.  Our goal is to become one of the top hubs for web developers, designers, creatives, administrators, artists, and users to learn, share, and teach.

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The OSTeam

Your dedicated OSTeam

OST Foundation


What does communication mean to us?

  • Clear communication. We love plain English, telling stories and speaking with clarity and personality. We try to make our content specific, interesting, and helpful.
  • Over-communication. Everyone is busy these days. To communicate clearly, we must over-communicate. It’s OK to repeat yourself and talk more than feels normal.
  • Social communication. We reach out to users, not just on our site, but also via newsletters, YouTube, social media, and online and live events.

Our customers

  1. We choose to invest in our content and platform to make a clear and easy to use website and training materials. We want our customers to see a clear difference in the quality of our products.
  2. Everyone we serve has the potential to become a customer and should be treated with the same respect.

Our excellence

  1. We learn. If you have the same skills as last year, we’re doing it wrong.
  2. Silence is dangerous. We listen carefully, but are not afraid to disagree. Principled disagreement is good.
  3. We pay very close attention to detail.

Our industry

  1. We are curious and try to stay abreast of the news about other companies, products, and organizations in our industry.
  2. We cultivate friends and partners in our industry.
  3. We try hard to understand and adapt. Our principles are more important than the specific technology we’re using at any given time.

OST Core

Training Philosophy

Our mission is to “explain our topics so clearly that anyone can understand”.

We hold six core values that help us carry out that mission.

  • Clear: Our training does not use jargon. We teach using plain English.
  • Practical: We provide hands-on training that can be applied to the real world.
  • Structured: We provide clearly-defined processes to help simplify complex tasks.
  • Positive: We believe everyone can learn.
  • Direct: We work hard to earn your attention and we promise not to waste it.