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Our Newest Courses

The web world is a fast-paced environment and tools and technology change rapidly. We strive to bring you new content monthly.

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6 Lessons

How To Use Drupal As Your Own URL Shortener Service

Tired of trying to find "short" URL's at or one of the other services?  In this short course, Rod…

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32 Lessons

The Ultimate Guide to the Media Module in Drupal

One of the best advancements to Drupal with the advent of Drupal 8 and 9 is the Media Module.  Drupal…

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52 Lessons

Joomla 4 Explained

New to Joomla? This course will get you started in Joomla 4 from the ground up. Rod will walk you…

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Moving to Joomla 4.0
13 Lessons

Moving From Joomla 3 to Joomla 4

So you’ve been using Joomla for years and now there’s a new version that really changes a lot!

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7 Lessons

BigCommerce for WordPress

Topher explains how BigCommerce and WordPress work together.

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38 Lessons

Ecwid Explained

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28 Lessons

Shopify Explained

Rod Martin takes you from sign up to completion on a Shopify Store website.

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Tips for Speeding Up WordPress Course Image
7 Lessons

Tips for Speeding up a WordPress Site

Topher covers some tips to help you speed up your WordPress site.

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16 Lessons

Learn Formidable Forms for WordPress

Topher introduces and explores Formidable Forms, a robust application building plugin for WordPress. You’ll take a look at both free…

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

The online world is one of constant change and requires you to be a life-long seeker of knowledge and skills to be at top of your game. We help you by creating easy-to-follow courses & books that allow you to learn at your own pace.

Robbie Adair
Robbie Adair, CEO and Self-Proclaimed Geek.

We create courses using the most popular tools and platforms in the digital & web development arena, and are constantly adding to our library so you always have new materials ready when you are.

We offer a wide variety of courses, so you can find your niche in the online world.  Or, if you have been thrown into a new platform you can get yourself up to speed with our courses or books.

Our instructors are speaking from experience! All of our instructors are actively working in the industry, so you are learning from true professionals that understand your needs.

Some of our subjects

What Our Students Have to Say

“Over the past 15 years, we've used more tutorial sites and training videos than we can remember. Often times we never felt like the tutorials gave us complete understanding and that there was more to learn. With OSTraining, we were able to quickly get our interns and new hires up to speed on WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. This allowed them to quickly begin working on real projects in a short amount of time with full confidence in each framework.”
Tim Jones
Branding, Web Development & Marketing
“I have been a subscriber to OSTraining Pro Support for a few years. We have not only saved a fortune getting issues resolved but I have learned so much! They also provide great easy to follow videos for some of the more common questions like "how do I update the Drupal CORE?". Well worth the money!! Pays for itself in no time. ”
Beth Everett
New York Society For Ethical Culture
“My experience with OSTraining has been second to none. Not only do they offer great training at amazing prices they also have a wonderful customer service team. If you are looking for great training, at affordable prices and awesome customer service look no further than OSTraining! ”
Heather Compton
Eminent Graphic Design
“Where do you go when you have a question about web development? OSTraining is a fantastic resource for training on Joomla, Drupal and general web development. But if you want fast chat type support get the premium plan. It is worth every penny, and the turn around is exceptionally fast. A great service with great support at a reasonable cost.”
William Slaughter
JDevTech Web Services

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