WordFest Live Summer 2021 Starts tomorrow!

Big Orange Heart made waves with their first online event back in January of 2021. And, this summer they are upping their game! The global 24 hour conference that starts tomorrow now has over 3000 attendees! But, it’s not too late to register! 

Keep reading to learn more about the Summer WordFest Live 2021 speakers and sessions.

Interested already?

Ok, so next question is normally, how much? That’s the great thing, the event is FREE! So, hop on over and get registered for the event.

You can find the schedule here, please note that all listed times are in UTC, so make sure to use the link to convert to your local timezone. And, that the day listed for the event is July 23rd, but technically, there will be some sessions that might fall on a different day for you depending on your location.

The Wide Array of Speakers and Sessions

Summer WorldFest Live 2021 has a comprehensive site that allows users to sign up to attend the festival for free, or you can make a donation if you are in the position to do so. There are already over 3,000 attendees from 7 continents around the world! Thanks to all the sponsors and partners that allow Big Orange Heart to offer this conference at no cost to over 3000 people!

The Festival will feature 66 sessions, held over 24 hours, across two different stages. The schedule is available here.

The festival has a great range of speakers lined up, their information can be found here.  One particular session we are excited about is the Conversation with Matt Mullenweg – you might want to bookmark this one!

What’s Different this time?

Photo Booth

This time around attendees can jump in our virtual photo booth and take a snap of themselves at WordFest Live.To add to the fun, attendees can share their WordFest Live experience on social media by showing off their photo booth snaps.

Games Tent

Here’s a chance to grab a freebie from our Global sponsors. Attendees can visit the Games Tent to try their hand at any of the games there. You never know what you might just come away with – a year of free web hosting, access to premium communities or maybe some cool swag – so make plans to swing by throughout the event!  

Community Interviews

Meet the community in a whole new way! Along with the fun and games, we’ve added interviews with different members of the WordPress community. Some have been selected by our sponsors, others by our organizers, and WordPress podcasters and other dynamic community members will be doing the recorded interviews. We can’t wait to hear all these great conversations.

Live Human Captioning

We continue to look for ways to make WordFest Live as accessible — and as enjoyable — as we possibly can. To do this, we’ve added in Live Human Captioning. But this does come at a cost and we need help from the community to fund the Live Human Captioning across the whole event. Live Captions benefits all attendees, not just those who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you’re wondering how this benefits your business on a practical level, read through 3 Business Benefits of Sponsoring Live Human Captioning.

Visit https://www.wordfest.live/


  • Robbie Adair

    Robbie started her career in corporate training until starting her own custom training and media company almost seventeen years ago. In 2010, she began doing classroom training for OSTraining while running Media A-Team. She is often presenting about various tech topics such as Joomla, Fabrik, Web Development, Social Media, and Augmented Reality. She loves seeing that "ah-ha" moment in peoples eyes in her sessions and workshops. She lives in Houston, Texas, but enjoys all the travel for client work and speaking gigs.

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