Reviewing the Best WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugins

the Best WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin

If you’re writing a lot of content on your WordPress site, you will need an easy way to plan your posts.

An Editorial Calendar provides a single screen where you can see all the content you’re going to publish. Ideally, the Editorial Calendar will help keep you organized in a busy schedule.

Think of an Editorial Calendar as a timetable for your content.

If you’re a WordPress user, there are several Editorial Calendars that integrate directly into WordPress. These calendars will show your planned WordPress posts and allow you to schedule new content.

Option #1. PublishPress Planner

PublishPress Planner is probably the best editorial calendar available for WordPress today. It’s a fork of the popular but out-dated plugin called Edit Flow. Whereas Edit Flow has had only minor updates over the last few years, development on PublishPress is moving quickly.

When you install PublishPress Planner, you’re immediately redirected to the main calendar, with all your content visible. This screen gives you an instant over of the next 5 weeks of upcoming content on your site.

PublishPress Planner Calendar

Using this calendar view, you can drag-and-drop the content from one date to another. You can also create content directly from this view. Click on any date and you’ll see this pop-up:

Pop-up modal in PublishPress Planner

What sets PublishPress apart is the clean design of the calendar, plus all the extra features that are available. PublishPress has a whole suite of extra feature for content creators. You can get a printable overview of all your content, get notifications for content changes, organize content via a kanban board and much more.

Option #2. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar works in a similar way to PublishPress. It is more popular, but, I’ve put it lower down this because it’s design is significantly more clunky. Perhaps the only feature where Editorial Calendar improves over Edit Flow is that you can scroll back-and-forwards in the calendar with your mouse.

Editorial Calendar is also limited in that you can only show posts in the calendar, where as PublishPress allows you to show any content type.

the editorial calendar plugin

Option #3. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a SaaS product that costs from $30 to $1,600 per month or more.

From using CoSchedule in the past, I know it’s a solid product, but the WordPress plugin didn’t offer a good experience. First, I wasn’t able to see or use the plugin without creating an account. Then I saw this big error message that told me to use Chrome. I was using Chrome.

the coschedule calendar

I did have more success by taking the account I’d created and going to the main CoSchedule site. The big selling point for CoSchedule over the alternatives listed here is the social media integration. You can plan your posts, plus also plan your social media campaigns for those posts. Coschedule offers social features that are similar to other SaaS products such as Buffer and HootSuite.

If you have the money to spend and need those extra social features, CoSchedule is pretty good option. But their WordPress integration has bugs to fix.


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6 years ago

Hi Stacey,

Have you ever tried integrating PublishPress with a social marketing plugin like Nelio? Just wondering if they work together. PublishPress looks great for editorial workflow and the free version of nelio handles basic social media marketing, but they both have a calendaring system and I’m wondering if there would be any conflict. Any insight is appreciated!

6 years ago


I would like to know if there is a editorial calendar that gives your the reposting capabilities?

Luis Colomé
Luis Colomé
6 years ago

Good article! It is good that you only talk about three options. Sometimes ins this kind of posts you get lost in so many options. I like Publishpress. I’m going to give it a try! Tahnks million!

5 years ago

Hello, did you test or haver reference on Nelio Content? Thanks in advance 🙂

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