How to Manage Permissions on WordPress Multisite Networks

Manage Permissions on WordPress Multisite Networks

If you are in charge of a WordPress multisite network, it can be very useful standardize your setup across all your sites.

However, WordPress doesn’t have an easy way to standardize the permissions on multisites.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to control permissions and user roles across your network.

To make this happen, I’m going to recommend the Capability Manager Enhanced plugin. This is a very useful plugin and can out on top in our list of the best WordPress permissions plugins.

Capability Manager Enhanced plugin for WordPress

To get started, install the Capability Manager Enhanced plugin on your main network site.

On the “Plugins” page, set the plugin to “Network Activate”. This allows the plugin to work on all sites in your network.

Capability Manager Enhanced network activate

Stay in your main network site, and go to Users > Capabilities.

On this screen, you can use Capability Manager Enhanced to create roles, permissions and configure the user setup on your sites.

The important settings for multisite admins are at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see “include in new sites” and “sync role to all sites now”. These options are activated when you click “Save Changes”. If you don’t see these checkboxes, then you aren’t on your main network site.

Capability Manager Enhanced multisite permissions

What do these two settings do?

include in new sites: this will create the default settings for new sites created in the future. So if you create a new role called “Guest Author” and all new sites in your network will also have this role.

sync role to all sites now: this will immediately become the default settings for all the existing sites in your network. This will overwrite any existing permissions, so be careful with this option.

Video Introduction to the Capability Manager Enhanced Plugin


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