Post by Email to Your WordPress Blog

Post by Email to Your WordPress Blog

By default WordPress allows you to write posts on your WordPress blog simply by sending an email.

However, as the video below makes clear, that default feature is fairly limited.

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to set up your blog so that creating your posts by email is both fun and easy. The solution is the Postie plugin.

Video on Posting by Email to your WordPress Blog

Install the Postie Plugin


Go to the admin area of your WordPress site and then Plugins >> Add New. Search for Postie, click Install Now and then Activate Plugin.

Configure Postie


Go to Settings >> Postie to configure the plugin.

Mail Settings


The first and most important step in Postie is to setup your mailserver details.

In this example we’re going to use a GMail account.

  1. Set up a Gmail account that will host all your emails. This should be something like
  2. In the “Mailserver” tab of Postie, enter the userid and password for the account.
  3. Choose the following three settings. The Postie documentation has help for setting up Gmail:
  • Mail Protocol
  • Port
  • Mail Server

When you’re done with the steps above, click “Test Config”. If everything is set up correctly you’ll see a message like the one below:


Giving Yourself Access


The second thing you need to do is click the “User” tab in Postie. Make sure that the details in “Authorized Addresses” and “Admin username” and match the details in your own user account (find this in Users >> Your Profile):


Start Emailing


Now you’re ready to start blogging by email.

All you need to do is send emails to your secret account ( ) from your regular account (

By default the subject of the email will become the title and the body of the email will become the body of your post:


{loadposition wordpressnewsletter}


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12 years ago


i would like to know that to post blog using postie is it i have to do this option ” run the check mail script manually” every time? please suggest me.Because i send mail to post but posting not appear but when i have hit ” run the check mail script manually” then my post is updated so please reply me as soon as possible.


12 years ago
Reply to  pankaj

Hi and welcome, pankaj!

That’s a good question! We would love to get into a discussion with you on this. If you are a student at [url=][/url], please log into the support forum ([url=]…[/url] and post the question in there, so that one of our support techs can look into it for you. If you’re not a student, I hope you’ll consider becoming one, so that we can give you the attention you deserve. You can find out more about our online class at [url=][/url]

Kind regards,


10 years ago

Greats ! Thanks for this tutorial !

10 years ago

If you want you can add the category in your subject message such as : “[name_of_category] My subject…”

This include automaticaly your post in the named category

And finaly, if you want you can publish in multiple category:

“[1] [Mo] [Br] My Subject…”

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