Is a WordPress Page Builder Right for You?

Is a Wordpress Page Builder Right for You?

You need a web site. You’re not a coder. You’ve dabbled in WordPress enough to know that the blog you created years ago when it was all the rage doesn’t make you a webmaster.

Enter page builders. A page builder is not to be confused with a SaaS site (Software as a Service) like Wix or Square Space. SaaS sites are fine for the complete beginner, but you know how WordPress works, and you know just enough about site building to be dangerous, but not enough to build without a little visual guidance. You’re creative, by golly, and you will not be constrained! Much.

If this is you, then page builders can be the answer.

There are many choices and all have their advantages and disadvantages. You can fall down a YouTube rabbit hole trying to find the mythical best page builder, comparing this feature and that, but in the end, best is relative, and the choice is only what’s best for you.

Unlike a theme, or framework, a page builder is a drag and drop miracle tool of visual web page goodness without coding. See pretty, make pretty. WYSIWYG for the well informed.

You don’t have to be an experienced web developer to use a page builder, in fact, if you are an experienced web developer, you may be frustrated by the extraneous code these tools produce in their quest to be user friendly. There are plugins and good web practices to mitigate this bloat, but they are no match for the clean code of an experienced web developer.

But you aren’t an experienced web developer, are you?

You just need a website. You’re not a future web guru. You have no intention of making it a career, and you don’t have time to take an extensive course, or have the money to hire one of those wonderful web developers. But you’re smart, and you can figure this thing out.

With an abundance of tutorials, and community support for people just like you, the vast crop of page builders will have your website looking like one designed by the big kids on the block.

In the next blog, we’ll look at a few of the most popular page builders.

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