CSS Flexbox #8. The flex-wrap Property

CSS Flexbox #8. The align-content Property

Until now, you have seen that flex-items stay on the same line, regardless of the content inside them and the space available.

With the flex-wrap property, it is possible to make flex-items wrap over to the next line.

Let’s demonstrate this property with an example.

Step #1. Create the HTML

  • Open your preferred code editor.
  • Create an empty HTML file.
  • Visit this page, copy the HTML code and save the file.

Step #2. Create the CSS

Let’s add some basic styling.

  • Create an empty CSS file and call it style.css (this file is already linked in the HTML code)
  • Add this code to the file:
/* GLOBAL STYLES */ * { box-sizing: border-box; } body { background-color: #AAA; margin: 0px 50px 50px; } .item { padding: 2rem; border: 5px solid #87b5ff; border-radius: 3px; font-size: 2em; font-family: sans-serif; font-weight: bold; background-color: #1c57b5; }

Step #3. The CSS Flexbox Styles

It is time to declare the main container as a flex-container.

  • Edit the CSS code:
.container { display: flex; background-color: #f5ca3c; }

Each flex-item is now as wide as the content inside it. You need now to declare the “width” of each flex-item, based on the flex-basis property.

  • Edit the CSS code:
.item1 { flex-basis: 50%; } .item2 { flex-basis: 50%; } .item3 { flex-basis: 80%; } .item4 { flex-basis: 100%; }

Each item has now a predefined width, but they stay regardless of that on the same line. This is where the flex-wrap property is useful.

  • Edit the CSS code:
.container {
display: flex; background-color: #f5ca3c; flex-wrap: wrap; }

Now each item has its proper width and is placed according to it on the “proper” line. Let’s center the content item on the main axis.

  • Edit the CSS code:
.item3 { flex-basis: 80%; margin: auto; }

The flex-wrap property has two other possible values:

  • nowrap (this is the default value).
  • wrap-reverse (inverts the order of start and end on the cross (secondary) axis.
  • Edit the CSS code:
.container {
display: flex;
background-color: #f5ca3c;
flex-wrap: wrap-reverse;


The flex-wrap property allows you to wrap items onto the next line, that way you have control over the placement of flex-items and can easily achieve your desired layout.

Thanks for reading!

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