$220 of Birthday Presents with Your Joomla Training

Birthday Presents

It was 12 months ago when we officially launched our online Joomla training program; and since it’s our 1st birthday, we are offering a very special deal.

Until midnight on Saturday, we are giving $220 worth of birthday presents to each person who signs up for a new subscription.

Here is the link to sign up and details of all the presents:


Present 1: iJoomla SideBars ($69 value)

iJoomla sidebarsWant to make your article pages more exciting? Want to pack more information into a single page? Place ads? Use polls? RSS feeds? Or tease readers towards another article? Sidebars are the perfect solution … and with the iJoomla SideBars extension they’re now a breeze to use. Click here to find out more about iJoomla SideBars.

Present 2: AdminPraise ($49 value)

adminpraise-logoAdminPraise 3 is evolutionary, if not revolutionary. AP3 brings the administration of Joomla together for an unrivaled user experience. Customize your AP3 Dashboard to the way YOU use Joomla. Never before have you been able to tweak a Joomla admin panel to your exact preferences and usage. Click here to find our more about AdminPraise.

Present 3: ProjectFork Design Review Plugin ($25 value)

projectfork-logoThis is a plugin for Project Fork that gives your Joomla website similar functionality to that of Proof HQ, Concept Share and Backboard. The Design Review section enables you, your team and your clients to easily communicate throughout the process of creating a new website or print media design. Click here to find out more about the Design Review plugin.

Present 4: TapTheme ($29 value)

taptheme-logoTapTheme lets you optimize your Joomla site for your iPhone, Android and iPad visitors. Click here to find out more about TapTheme.

Present 5: Biggie Smalls template ($47 value)

BiggieSmalls is not the average template that you see with most template clubs. BiggieSmalls is made specially for those users who want to have full control over the color and layout without knowing any CSS.

That’s a lot of value, and you get it completely free with any new membership.

Here is the link to sign up again:



  • Robbie started her career in corporate training until starting her own custom training and media company almost seventeen years ago. In 2010, she began doing classroom training for OSTraining while running Media A-Team. She is often presenting about various tech topics such as Joomla, Fabrik, Web Development, Social Media, and Augmented Reality. She loves seeing that "ah-ha" moment in peoples eyes in her sessions and workshops. She lives in Houston, Texas, but enjoys all the travel for client work and speaking gigs.

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