4 Useful Features of Discord for Businesses

4 Useful Features of Discord for Businesses

Since the pandemic many businesses find themselves scrambling for video conferencing tools that will keep their teams connected and work flowing.  Many schools and other buisnesses have gone to free applications or even paid ones like slack, but some have been using discord to help ease the load. Discord is comparable to applications like zoom, teams, and slack because it allows users to not only video chat but also has text and audio calls. Although Discord has many interesting features, four of the most useful for businesses would be Security, Video Conferencing, File Sharing, and Bots.

 1. Security

4 Useful Features of Discord for Business

Messages that are deleted by users are gone with no trace of them in the Discord system. Neither Discord nor other users can see or retrieve these messages.

While discord will not usually get involved, photos sent through the app are automatically checked by PhotoDNA which is a scanning program that checks images for explicit and illegal material through a cryptographic ‘hash’ and checks that with known illegal photos.

As is, Discord is not end-to-end encrypted so there is a chance for a data breach, but that chance is minimal, because Discord’s trust and safety team are the only people with access to messages sent in channels or between users. These teams do not go looking at every channel. They only check messages if a user has reported something breaches their TOS. Each message is assigned a unique code that allows Discord to check only the message that has been reported. Each time a Discord team member checks a message, it is automatically logged to prevent internal abuse of the system. Discord takes a reactive approach to issues and will typically not get involved unless a user reports an issue. To ensure that your Discord is secure, I recommend using a VPN on your own network to setup end-to-end encryption.

Discord also features a bug bounty, so that a user who reports any vulnerabilities found to Discord will be rewarded with “awesome stuff or cold hard cash”. This encourages users to report and vulnerabilities they find instead of exploiting them. Rewarding users for reporting vulnerabilities also allows Discord to keep their application as safe as possible.

2. Video Conferencing

4 Useful Features of Discord for Business

Video chat and screen sharing is supported through the direct messaging section with friends,or in a server, and can support up to 10 people at once. You can actively switch between webcam and sharing your screen. Another option is streaming in a channel and anyone in the server can watch the stream for a presentation or whatever is needed. Currently Discord has raised the number of people who can be in a video conference to fifty but this is temporary for the corona pandemic and does not have a specified date to stop.

3. File Sharing

4 Useful Features of Discord for Business-file upload

Discord has file sharing, but the largest file you can send via the free version is 8mb. However with a Nitro subscription, you can share files up to a max of 100mb each. For information on the pricing of subscriptions, check out my earlier blog – Discord – To Boost or Not?.

4. Bots

4 Useful Features of Discord for Business

Most bots are just fun ways to add to the server; however, some are very useful such as the MEE6 bot. Some bots, such as the MEE6 bot or the YAGPDB (which stands for yet another general purpose discord bot), can be used to immediately assign roles to people that join a server or send welcome messages etc. Also, the Discord Developer Portal allows you to make custom discord bots that would perform tasks that are specific to your business needs.

If you are looking for more information on Discord for businesses, check out my first blog – Discord for Business – What You Need to Know.


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