Finding Broken Images in Drupal


One of our students was having problems finding why some images were visible on her site and others weren’t. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this problem, but here is one way to start closing in on the answer.

Install the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox


If you haven’t done so already, install Firefox on your computer. You can download it from

Then, with Firefox open, search Google for “webdeveloper toolbar”.


Click “Add to Firefox” and you’ll be able install the Web Developer toolbar. It will look like the image below.


Troubleshooting Your Site


The image above is a sample Drupal node. It is meant to have two images but one is missing. Here’s how we’d start to look for the error:


Click “Images” and then “Find Broken Images”. You’ll see a result like the one below:


In this case the problem is obvious – I’ve written instead of However if your problem is more difficult, this technique will still tell you where Drupal is looking for the file and hopefully it will give you enough hints to fix the problem.

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  • Robbie Adair

    Robbie started her career in corporate training until starting her own custom training and media company almost seventeen years ago. In 2010, she began doing classroom training for OSTraining while running Media A-Team. She is often presenting about various tech topics such as Joomla, Fabrik, Web Development, Social Media, and Augmented Reality. She loves seeing that "ah-ha" moment in peoples eyes in her sessions and workshops. She lives in Houston, Texas, but enjoys all the travel for client work and speaking gigs.

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