Blocking Spam Comments and Users on Your Drupal Site


Why Block Spam Comments?

MollomIf you site is new, this might not be too much of a problem. However, as your site grows, it will increasingly be seen as a valuable target for spammers. If they succeed in placing links on your site, they may get a couple of benefits:

  • Search engines may rank the spammer’s site more highly
  • Unsuspecting users may click on the link and visit the spammer’s site.

Perhaps the best solution available for Drupal sites is Mollom – a module created by Drupal’s founder. It automatically filters out spammers who try to register, comment or contact you.

Install Mollom to Your Drupal Site

  • Step 1: Click here to download the latest version of “Mollom”. Choose the top link under “Recommended releases”.
  • Step 2: Extract the files into a folder on your desktop. The folder will be called “mollom”
  • Step 3: Login to your site’s files via FTP and navigate to /sites/default/. If there isn’t a folder called /modules/ here, create one.
  • Step 4: Upload the “mollom” folder to /sites/default/modules/
  • Step 5: Go to Administer >> Site building >> Modules. Check the box next to “Mollom” and click Save Configuration.

Setting Up and Enabling Mollom

  • Step 6: Go to and create an account.
  • Step 7: Once you have logged in to, click “Manage sites” in the upper right menu.
  • Step 8: Select “Add subscription” to create a new key pair for your website (or “edit subscription” to access a subscription for an existing site tied to your account).
  • Step 9: Go back to your Drupal site and visit Administer >> Site configuration >> Mollom.
  • Step 10: Enter the key pair that you created in Step 8.

Once the module is active you can log back in to in future weeks to track how much spam has been prevented on your site.

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