WPtouch – A Mobile Theme for WordPress Sites


WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog so that it is easy for visitors to read on their mobile phones.

It works with iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile devices.

WPtouch doesn’t replace your normal site theme for larger screens, only for smaller devices.

Here’s how to make WPtouch work on your site:

Step 1. Install the plugin


Go to your WordPress dashboard then Plugins > Add New > search for wptouch and click Install Now.

Step 2. Access the settings page


Go to Dashboard > Settings > WPtouch to find the configuration settings for the plugin.

Step 3. Start with General Settings


The explanations are clearly listed. WPTouch defaults will do for most sites. Note that you can control the language, as well as exclude certain categories or tags.

  1. Regionalization Settings. Select the language for WPtouch. Custom .mo files should be placed in wp-content/wptouch/lang.
  2. Home Page Re-Direction. WPtouch by default follows your WordPress » Reading Options.
  3. Site Title. You can change your site title (if needed) in WPtouch.
  4. Excluded Categories. Categories by ID you want excluded everywhere in WPtouch.
  5. Excluded Tags. Tags by ID you want excluded everywhere in WPtouch.
  6. Text Justification Options. Set the alignment for text.
  7. Post Listings Options. Choose between calendar Icons, post thumbnails (WP 2.9) or none for your post listings. Select which meta items are shown below titles on main, search, & archives pages.
  8. Footer Message. Customize the default footer message shown in WPtouch here.

Step 4. Advanced Options


Set the advanced options by clicking check boxes. Click the red question mark for a description of what each option does.

Step 5. Push Notifications


Here you can configure WPtouch to push selected notifications through your Prowl account to your iPhone, iPod touch and Growl-enabled Mac or PC.

Make sure you generate a Prowl API key to use here otherwise no notifications will be pushed to you. To get one visit this URL https://www.prowlapp.com/settings.php and create an account. When you have the key, you can type or paste it in the API Key field.

Step 7. Configure more display details

The next three sections deal with the look of your display. Since the style sheets from your normal site won’t be included, you’re going to need to decide some of the basic graphic and style features.

  • Style and Color Options
  • Default and Custom Icon Pool
  • Logo Icon//Pages and Menu Icons

Step 8. Adsense and Google Analytics


You can use these Google features by pasting in the proper code. Have your code ready if you intend to use these features.

Step 9. Plugin Support and compatibility


There will be a list of plugins that have issues (or no issues) with the WPtouch plugin. You should check this list at the bottom of the setup page before you decide to use this plugin, to make sure your users will get the mobile experience you want them to have.


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12 years ago


Clicking the like button on top of this page (FF7,XP), the comment window is half hidden behind the sidebar. Better take a look at it.



12 years ago
Reply to  Joao

Hi Joao,

I’m not able to replicate the issue. Could you email me at @OSTraining.com">nick@OSTraining.com with a screenshot and the browser and browser version you’re using?

Kind regards,


12 years ago
Reply to  Joao

Thanks Joao! I was able to replicate the issue now! We’ll get it fixed very soon 🙂

Kind regards,


Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker
11 years ago

Does anyone know how to get WP Touch to display a mobile version of the site when accessed through a post URL?

If I access my site through the main URL it works perfectly. I would like the functionality to extend to all posts accessed through post URLs (all links) to my webiste.

Is this possible?

(Example: My site is [url=http://www.appreviews4u.com]www.appreviews4u.com[/url], but if someone accesses [url=http://appreviews4u.com/2012/07/21/30-seo-optimisation-tips/]http://appreviews4u.com/201…[/url] I would like my site to show this individual post in a mobile friendly format)

11 years ago

hello sir,

i use wptouch plugin and configre all setting but my wodpress site not open in android phone like samsung.spice,sony ericssion

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