Topher’s Testing: Simple Google Maps Short Code

WordPress Simple Google Maps Short-Code

This is the first video in a new series we’re calling “Topher’s Testing”.

Topher is our WordPress teacher and he’s sitting down to test some really useful new WordPress plugins.

Simple Google Maps Short Code is a plugin with a long name. We’ll call if SGMSC for short.

Using simple shortcode, SGMSC allows you to add Google Maps to your WordPress content

Developed by Pippin Williamson from, SGMC makes is easy to enter addresses and to control the size of the map.

Here’s my video introduction to using SGMC:


  • Topher DeRosia

    Topher is an accomplished programmer, having written his own content management systems and managed some very large websites. He loves to help people and believes playing with WordPress is fun. Topher lives in Michigan, USA.

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