Weglot Review: Translate Your WordPress Site

Weglot Review: Translate Your WordPress Site

There are a lot of ways to translate your WordPress site.

You can use an automatic translation widget such as Google Translate. You can use a fully-featured plugin such as WPML. You can use a professional translation service such as Acclaro.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a translation service as slick as Weglot.

Weglot is a WordPress plugin that connects to a SaaS service. It will translate your site automatically and then allow you to fix any mistakes in the text.

I was lucky enough to get a tour of Weglot by Josh Pollock who has just integrated his popular Caldera Forms plugin with Weglot. It was really impressive to see how slick Weglot is.

Weglot has a plugin that you can install from WordPress.org:

weglot plugin

You will need an API key from weglot.com so head over there to sign up. Weglot is free for the first 2,000 words so you can take it for a free test drive.

weglot website

Back on your WordPress site, enter the API Key into the Weglot configuration screen. You can also enter your original site language and the language you want to translate the site into.

weglot config

When you click “Save” on this page, Weglot will show you a message:

“Well done! Your website is now multilingual.”

weglot message

Now that’s what I mean by slick! Weglot has automatically placed an English-Spanish language translate in the bottom-right corner of my site:

weglot translate

Choose the Spanish option, and you’ll see that your content has been automatically translated to Spanish.

Weglot will create URLs for the new language version of your site. If we used Weglot here at OSTraining, the new Spanish URLs would be https://ostraining.com/es/.

The translated content can be edited by going to Weglot.com. The translations are stored inside their site and can be translated there.

weglot sass

The Weglot website has some useful features to power your translations, including a Glossary and a Search-and-Replace feature.

weglot tools

There will be nervousness from some users because Weglot is a SaaS service. The translations are hosted on their site and it wouldn’t be easy to migrate away if you changed your mind.

But the positive features of Weglot are remarkable. It’s significantly easier-to-use than most of the alternatives on the market. The service is well thought-out and well executed. Weglot is already successful and the product is only likely to get better. Give Weglot a test drive: http://weglot.com.

pro translations


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