Tiled Mosaic WordPress Photo Galleries With JetPack

Tiled Mosaic WordPress Photo Galleries With JetPack

One great way to improve the design of your WordPress galleries is the JetPack plugin.

Once JetPack is installed, you can enable the “Tiled Galleries” feature. If you have a photo gallery set up, you will now get a “Tiled Mosaic” option for your galleries. This will show your images in a beautiful mosaic layout.

What’s the difference between a normal photo gallery and a mosaic photo gallery?

A normal photo gallery will often have regular spacing between each image, which can leave some unsightly gaps:

normal photo gallery in WordPress

On the other hand, a mosaic photo gallery will reduce the gap between each image to produce a tiled effect.

mosaic photo gallery in WordPress

Watch the video below to see how to create mosaic galleries in WordPress:



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