3 Free WordPress Themes to Start your Blog

3 Free WordPress Themes to Start your Blog

WordPress is much more than a blogging platform. Even though that used to be its original purpose, with time WordPress has evolved to offer many more features.

In this post, I’ll recommend 3 free WordPress themes to make your blog stand out.

Me, a WordPress theme for personal blogs

This design is ideal for personal sites to promote your portfolio and share your knowledge with the world. It’s minimalistic and clean.

wordpress theme me

Download it from here

OSTraining Breeze, a WordPress theme for real beginners

We designed this theme and officially released for free in 2015.

If you are new to WordPress, and want to create a blog without the headaches of tons of settings, then Breeze is for you.

wordpress theme ostraining breeze

Download it from here

Oblique, a WordPress theme with a visual impact

The graphic design that Oblique provides is pretty unique. This is the kind of theme that you expect would be commercial, however its developers released for free.

Once you install it and activate, it will be ready to work as showcased in the demo.

wordpress theme oblique

Download it from here


  • Valentin Garcia

    Valentin discovered Joomla in 2010, and since then he has considered it as the best CMS. Valentin has been coding extensions and templates for Joomla for many years and truly enjoys helping people build their own websites with Open Source tools. He lives in San Julián, Jalisco, México.

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