PublishPress Revisions is the Major New Version of Revisionary

PublishPress Revisions is the Major New Version of Revisionary

Revisionary is a WordPress plugin that has been around for nearly 10 years.

Revisionary allowed you to moderate or schedule changes to published posts.

The plugin was first launched in 2009 and had been starting to show its age in recent year. Fortunately, the plugin just had a major new update and it now looks ready for WordPress in 2019.

Revisionary is now called “PublishPress Revisions” but you can still find it at the same place on

publishpress revisions banner from

Here’s a rundown of 5 significant new features in PublishPress Revisions. You’ll find that the plugin now supports Gutenberg and more WordPress core features. The plugin also has a significantly better user interface.

Improvement #1. PublishPress Revisions is Gutenberg-ready

It’s now possible for everyone to create revisions in Gutenberg. Even if you’re an Editor or Administrator, you can submit pending revisions.

This image shows a published post with PublishPress Revisions loading the “Pending Revision” checkbox. You can still use PublishPress Revisions with the Classic Editor, but the plugin is now 100% ready for Gutenberg.

publishpress revisions now works with the Gutenberg editor

Improvement #2. There’s a new Revision Queue screen

One of the most important new features is a “Revision Queue”. This is one screen where you can see all revisions that are waiting for approval. On the top of this screen are several tabs:

  • My Revisions: This shows the revisions you have created.
  • My Posts: This shows revisions for content you’ve written.
  • Pending: This shows revisions that are waiting for approval.
  • Scheduled: This shows revisions that are going live in the future.

publishpress revision queue is a new feature

Improvement #3. PublishPress Revisions supports more WordPress core features

One limitation with previous versions of this plugin was that it only supported revisions to the post title or body. You could not edit revisions directly in Gutenberg or the Classic Editor.

This latest version of PublishPress Revisions supports many more core features, including

  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Page parent
  • Page template
  • Featured images
  • Excerpts

publishpress revisions supports more core features

Improvement #4. You can compare revisions

On the “Revision Queue” screen, you can compare the pending revision to the current post. Click the “Compare” button:

publishpress revisions compare

You’ll be able to see a side-by-side comparison of the pending and current versions. You won’t have to guess what has changed in the latest revision – the plugin will show you all the changes.

compare revisiomns

Improvement #5. Frontend management of revisions

The new version of PublishPress Revisions has moved most revision management to the frontend of WordPress.

How does this work in practice? When you view a revision, you’ll see a bar across the top of the site.

This green color shows that you’re looking at a revision that’s waiting for approval. Depending on editing permissions, you will see up to four buttons: Compare, View Published Post, Edit, Publish now.

publishpress revisions pending

The bar will change colors to indicate different situations. For example, this next color is for revisions that are no longer live. In this case, Editors and Administrators can “Restore” the revision.

publishpress revisions past

PublishPress Revisions Summary

PublishPress Revisions is an excellent choice if you want to control updates for published content on your site.

You can get the Free version on There’s also a Pro version available on

Find out more about PublishPress Revisions with these tutorials:


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