How to Install WordPress with WP-CLI

How to Install WordPress with WP-CLI

WP-CLI stands for WordPress Command Line Interface. This is a free and fast command line tool which most likely is already pre-installed and made available to you by your web host.

Talk to any experienced WordPress websites builder or administrator. They all will tell you that working on WordPress with WP-CLI brought their skills to the next level. It is faster, safer and it saves your web server resources.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install WordPress using WP-CLI. Even if you are a complete WordPress beginner.

Step #1. Create Your WordPress Database

The first step is to create a MySQL database for your WordPress installation. You also need to make sure you assigned an administrator user to this database.

Don’t fret if you are new to this task. Just visit this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Step #2. Connect to Your WordPress Web Server over SSH

Connecting to your WordPress site over SSH is not only for Computer Science graduates anymore. Any WordPress beginner can do it. An SSH client is all you need.

If your computer runs on Windows, please visit our How to Connect to a Web Server Over SSH with Private/Public Keys Using PuTTY on Windows tutorial.

Mac and Linux users already have an SSH client installed on their computer. Please, consult your hosting documentation or Support team on how to run an SSH connection.

Step #3. Move from Your Server Root to Your WordPress Folder

Step #4. Download WordPress Core with WP-CLI

Step #5. Create and Configure wp-config.php File with WP-CLI

Step #6. Run WordPress Installation with WP-CLI

Additional Resources:

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How to Connect to a Web Server Over SSH with Private/Public Keys Using PuTTY on Windows


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    Born from Ukrainian mother and Russian father, Alex migrated to the United Kingdom in 1999. He is a self-taught Microsoft Certified Professional. He enjoys learning content management systems and helping web site developers make the most of them.

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