How to Embed Tweets in WordPress

How to Embed Tweets in WordPress

WordPress makes super easy to embed a tweet in your website thanks to the oEmbed protocol.

In this post, we’ll show you how to embed a tweet in a post. You don’t need to use any plugins to make this work.

EmbedPress - WordPress Embed Tweets If you’re using WordPress, we highly recommend you check out the EmbedPress plugin. You can add tweets to WordPress, using just the URL.

Download EmbedPress

Step #1. Copy and paste the tweet URL

Copy the URL of a tweet. The url follows this pattern:
wordpress embed tweets
  • Create or edit a post.
  • Paste the tweet’s URL.
wordpress embed tweets
  • Publish or Update.
wordpress embed tweets

Step #2. Check the end result

View the end result by clicking the “Preview changes” button:

wordpress embed tweets

The tweet embed will now be displayed correctly:

wordpress embed tweets


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