Edit Flow Users Should Move to PublishPress Planner

Edit Flow? It Might be Time to Move to PublishPress

Edit Flow is a WordPress plugin used by many blogs, newspapers and magazine sites.

A few years ago, Edit Flow was acquired by Automattic, the parent company behind WordPress.com.

Automattic have now confirmed that Edit Flow is not part of their future plans.

The message from Automattic is this:

“I appreciate your patience as we chase this up. I’ve heard back from the team responsible and they’ve let me know that at this time there is no active development of the Edit Flow Plugin. That being the case – two things I can suggest are … It is possible to fork the plugin and make the changes needed – or use an alternative that has already been forked like PublishPress.”

You can read the full notification on WordPress.org

What should Edit Flow users do? Try PublishPress Planner

The standard recommendation for Edit Flow users is PublishPress Planner.

PublishPress Planner is a direct fork of Edit Flow so it has all the same features. Click here to see how to migrate from Edit Flow to the Planner plugin.

PublishPress Planner is the recommendation of the WPTavern team and was also our choice when we reviewed WordPress editorial calendars.

You can get PublishPress Planner for free on WordPress.org where it has very positive reviews:


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