How to Change the WordPress Site Title and Tagline

How to Change the WordPress Site Title and Tagline

This tutorial will show you how to change the site title and tagline on your WordPress site.

The title and tagline are very often shown in the top-left corner of your site’s design. They are the first thing that many visitors will see when they arrive at your site, and so it’s important to make sure they are correct.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Appearance -> Themes.
  • Click the “Customize” button for your theme:
  • Click the “Site Identity” button on the left:
site identity

You will now see the settings that you can modify:

  • Site Title
  • Tagline

Edit these settings and click “Save & Publish” when you’re done:

Saving your WordPress site identity options

That’s all there is to it. Congrats! Visit the front of your site and check to see whether your site’s title and tagline are showing to visitors.


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6 years ago

Is there a way to make one of the words in the tagline a functional link? Thanks!

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