All in One SEO Pack Tutorial


This video and tutorial will show you how to use the All in One SEO Pack, perhaps the most popular plugin for optimizing your WordPress site.


Install the All in One SEO Pack


To install the All in One SEO Pack, login to your WordPress admin area and click “Add New” under the “Plugins” link.

Then search for “All in One SEO Pack “and click “Install Now” under the plugin name.


Click “Activate Plugin” and you’ll see a big, red message saying that plugin needs to be configured. Click on “the admin page” link.

Use the All in One SEO Pack Plugin


To make the plugin work, simply check the box next to Enabled.


The most important two screens are probably at the top. This is the metadata information for your site’s homepage which often carries the most search engine importance of our your site’s pages.

If you’re not sure how to write good titles and descriptions, read these two tutorials by SEOMoz:

You can fill in the Home Keywords area but you can also leave it empty if you wish. Search engine spammers have abused this type of metadata so much that search engines largely ignore it now.


Scroll down further and you’ll see the settings for all your site’s internal pages. The default settings work fine for many sites.

The key question is whether to place your unique page title first or whether to place your blog title/company brand name first.

A large company with a famous brand name (Amazon, eBay) will place their brand name first because it’s immediately useful and recognizable to people finding you in the search engines.

Smaller companies without a famous name often prefer to put the page title first rather than confuse people with any unknown brand name.


Those settings are above are the most important ones. The All in One SEO Pack does a great job of setting up the options for you. If you do want to change any, you can see what they do by hovering over each one. You’ll get a Click for Help label. Click on it and you’ll get a description like the one below:


{loadposition wordpressnewsletter}

Check out the updated Blog.


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