Malwarebytes: Check for Malware On Your PC


Over the course of my career, I’ve seen a lot of hacked websites

Many websites are hacked directly, but we’ve also seen them hacked because of compromised computers. For example, a keyboard logger might be used to steal login information.

If you build websites, it’s important to make sure your computer is safe.

This tutorial will show you how to scan your PC using Malwarebytes.

For Mac users, give our ClamXav tutorial a try instead.

Step #1. Download Malwarebytes


Step #2. Install

  • Double click the downloaded installer.
  • You should see a confirmation window. Click Run.
  • Read and click through the subsequent confirmations.

Step #3. Access

  • To access Malwarebytes, do a search for “Malwarebytes” from the start menu (bottom left, usually).
  • Click on the application to open it.

Step #4. Update Definitions

  • Click on “Update Now” to make sure you have the latest threats cataloged. You should do this each time before scanning.
  • You’ll get a “Update completed” or “No updates available” message once it’s done.

Step #5. Scan

  • To run the scan, click the “Fix Now” button.
  • Scanning can take anywhere from a few seconds to hours, depending on the folders that you selected and the number of files within those folders.


Step #6. Cleanup

Once scanning has completed, you’ll either get a message saying no threats were detected or a list of infected files.

Infected files can be quarantined all together or individually. Before quarantining or deleting, you should make sure that the files are not false-positives. If you’re not sure and if the file doesn’t contain sensitive information (e.g. an email), you can upload the file to to get a second opinion.



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Maurice Lehr
Maurice Lehr
10 years ago

Hi Nick,
I already use Microsoft security essentials. Is it still wise to use this program? And what does it do wich Microsoft security does not yet do?
Regards, Maurice

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