Yo!Kart – An eCommerce Platform to Build Small to Large Scale Multi-vendor Marketplaces


Yo!Kart is a multivendor e-commerce platform empowering entrepreneurs to launch B2B, B2C marketplaces for sellers and customers.

Starting a multi-vendor store from scratch is a huge and costly undertaking. Yo!Kart simplifies the process making it easy and quick to launch an ecommerce marketplace.

Yo!Kart has been developed by ecommerce solutions company, FATbit Technologies, that started in the year 2004. They have many niche-specific products, like Yo!Kart, that cater to different industries and needs of entrepreneurs. The company also provides digital services like design, development, marketing, and consultation.


Yo!Kart Ecommerce Platform is best suited for?

Yo!Kart is the best-suited multi-vendor e-commerce platform for any entrepreneur who wishes to launch an online marketplace without having to deal with the website and app development process. It is a complete and ready to use solution for startups, small and medium businesses (SMBs), & large enterprises. Yo!Kart makes it easy and simple for entrepreneurs to set up an online multi-vendor marketplace.

Features and Benefits that Yo!Kart Brings for eCommerce Marketplace Owners:

Lifetime License, No Recurring fee:

To launch your e-commerce marketplace through Yo!Kart the entrepreneur has to pay the one time cost. The charges are not recurring. Their payment plans are highly flexible which does not burn a hole in the pocket, you can pay the amount in different milestones. The cost of the selected package has to be paid once and the license of the solution lasts forever. Unlike other multi vendor solutions, this software does not charge a commission on every product that you sell.

The cost of the platform also includes additional benefits like there no charges for installation, 6 months free digital marketing consultation, and 12-month free technical support.

Utmost UX/UI Design:

  • User-centered design on all devices
    The User Experience has been designed keeping in mind the end-user. I would sum up my initial experience with Yo!Kart as simply pleasant. The system is designed considering the buyer’s journey & offers a seamless user experience on all devices & browsers. The UI is aesthetically designed and well structured. The user can easily navigate to the desired web-page. Though it displays a lot of information, it isn’t overwhelming. The details are shown only when needed.
    Yo!Kart’s team gets an “Excellent!” for their work.
  • Single checkout
    Another aspect of Yo!Kart that took me in awe is the checkout process. It requires very few steps for the end-user to checkout. The process is very simple, short, and hassle-free. The complete checkout procedure is carried out in one place. The buyers’ saved delivery addresses and bank accounts are displayed on the checkout page for them to select it instead of typing it again and again. The customer can purchase numerous items stored in his cart with one go.
  • Intuitive Admin, Seller Dashboards
    This e-commerce marketplace is designed keeping in mind the various sects of users i.e, the buyer, seller, and admin. The admin and vendors can access all the required information through the dashboard. The admin dashboard displays the number of items sold by each vendor and admin’s commission on each of them. The admin can perform several tasks like managing the color theme of the store, reviewing sales, users, traffic, revenue, profit stats, etc.on the dashboard.
    The seller dashboard works in a similar fashion displaying relevant information to the seller. The seller can view the recently placed orders, cancellation and return requests, sales, etc on the dashboard.

Rich In-Built Features:

  • yokart mobileReady to Launch Mobile Apps
    Yo!Kart comes with ready to use android and iOS mobile apps for buyers to provide your customers with an enhanced mobile shopping experience. Since a large ratio of users prefer mobile apps on the go, Yo!Kart enables you to satisfy users’ requirements through the feature-rich and ready to launch Yo!Kart mobile apps. I found that Yo!Kart is one of the rarest multi-vendor platforms that offer mobile apps for both buyers and sellers.
  • Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency
    The product is multi-lingual system that allows the user to select the preferred language through a dropdown menu. The content on the website is then displayed in the chosen language.
    Also, It comes with a multi-currency feature that enables the users to manually change the currency as per their preference. The price for each item is shown in the selected currency to the user and the final payment at the gateway gets automatically converted and accepted in USD.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways & In-built Third-Party Integrations
    I did take note of all the popular payment gateways that are inbuilt in the product. There are 15 pre-integrated payment gateways to make the transactions easier and effortless.
    Yo!Kart makes it easier for the admin and sellers to manage the marketplace through in-built third-party integrations such as Quickbooks, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Shipstation, & many more.

Guaranteed Optimal Performance:

I was much impressed with Yo!Kart’s claim to handle 500k products in its base package. The multi-vendor marketplace platform delivers high performance and loading speed with 500k items on it. Since the number is quite large, the solution can prove to be a huge e-commerce marketplace. Also, Yo!kart comprises of an easy to use Content Management System (CMS). The admin can manage the creation and modification of the content on the website and mobile apps. This way admin can ensure the displayed content is relevant and updated.

Yo!Kart makes product and inventory management easy for the sellers through the centralized dashboard and extended management system. Seamless management marks the excellency of Yo!Kart and I was constantly applauding the Yo!Kart team in my mind while reviewing the product.

Fully Customizable & Easy to Scale

Yo!Kart extends a versatile solution that can be easily customized as per the client’s requirements. Every business is different, so is their marketing methods. This has been taken care of by the Yo!Kart team. The product is sufficiently scalable through customization.


Regarding the pricing, Yo!Kart has 3 packages with flexible payments option:

yokart pricing

In my opinion, the price is a sweet deal for the user.

Developing something like Yo!Kart would be in the hundreds of thousands and at least a year to get right. Therefore, it seems like a small start-up cost and well worth the price tag.

What are the Drawbacks?

As you might have anticipated by now that I am quite impressed with Yo!Kart and its functionalities, yet there are a few drawbacks to it that I would like to talk about.

  • No Free Themes & Addons

The product does not come with free themes and add-ons. If the admin wants to change the product’s theme, he has to buy one every time. The features are pre-defined with no add-on features.

  • Not completely open-source, (Partially encrypted for security reasons)

Yo!kart is not completely open-source. It has partially encrypted code. I did a little research to find out the reason for this and got to know that the encrypted portion of their code is the proprietary framework that they use for their other products. They provide documentation of the functions built into the framework. An experienced programmer can use their framework API to modify and customize Yo!Kart. Since it’s a framework and should be modified anyway, I don’t mind it being encrypted.


I would say that Yo!Kart is a well-featured, user-centered, and impressively designed online marketplace solution. It comes as a complete package for entrepreneurs to launch any kind of multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace. The product exhibits some amazing features and caters to the business requirements of different types of users. It would make a perfect choice for start-ups, SMBs, and large enterprises looking for a ready to use e-commerce solution that offers the multi-vendor marketplace.

Over to You

Have you used Yo!Kart? What are your thoughts and experiences with it?


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