Top Website Builders for Freelancers and Web-Studios

Top Website Builders for Freelancers and Web-Studios

With so many web building options available out there nowadays, choosing the solution that can provide ultimate value for your business goals and your website in general seems to be a challenge for the majority of web developers.

The choice of the most suitable option, however, depends upon lots of aspects, including the complexity and purpose of the project, the business goals your client sets for you, functionality requirements, usability, main features etc.

In this respect, WordPress seems to be a top choice for web studios and freelance web designers. It goes without saying that WordPress is a great and flexible website management system that allows choosing and customizing a wide range of free and premium pre-made templates.

There is also a chance to create a custom website design, but only if you possess required coding knowledge and skills. However, those web developers, who have ever used WordPress, cannot help but admit that there are lots of nuances that make the use of the system inconvenient and not that effective.

Is there any alternative to using WordPress? What options can a web designer choose from to be able to create a functional, appealing and effective website? The use of website builders can notably simplify all the stages of the web creation process, starting with planning your web page design and up to technical servicing of the ready to go live resource.

Modern website builders have much to offer web designers these days. They have developed a lot since the time they have been first introduced at the market. Gone are those days, when website builders were slow and offered limited functionality.

The situation has changed a lot, giving way to functional and high-quality website builders that can be used to build projects of diverse complexity levels. Such services are a perfect choice for the newbies, not to mention professional web designers willing to create quality websites with a minimum investment of time and effort. The profit is obvious: the more websites you create, the higher the revenue is.

The selection of website builders is very extensive nowadays. There are over 100 platforms you can choose from, depending upon your needs, budget and requirements. Let’s focus, however, on the most effective solutions for freelance web designers and web studios now.



Webydo differs a lot from WordPress, even though, they are used for one and the same purpose – building quality websites. The website builder is a decent solution for professional web developers and web studios, which create lots of websites and don’t have time to bother with coding issues. Webydo proves to be a perfect choice for the b2b niche, where there is always the demand for functional and quality websites.

Among the benefits of the platform, we can mention the integrated billing system, availability of client access, customizable and responsive templates, WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop editing support to mention a few. A handy dashboard, an advanced design toolset, powerful blogging and whitelabeling options contribute to the functionality of the system as well.

With numerous enhanced web design features and the ability to integrate various tools during the web creation process, Webydo can present you as a professional and skilled web designer.



Being a module-based website builder, SITE123 differs a bit from the rest services of this kind. This doesn’t mean, however, that it is ineffective. Just take a look at the variety of responsive templates it offers to assure yourself of its quality and functionality.

Whether you are a freelance web designer or a web studio developer, you will appreciate the range of features SITE123 offers. It allows creating different types of projects, standing out from the crowd due to the affordability of its plans.

The pricing policy of the service depends upon the region a user resides in. Whatever plan you choose, you’ll benefit from the ability to create any number of websites on one and the same account. This is one of the major SITE 123 features, which matters a lot for web studio specialists and freelance web designers.



When it comes to the best correlation of price, quality and usability, uKit proves to be the best value for the money. This is one of the most popular website builders nowadays, which has gained its reputation due to the range of powerful web building tools and features it offers.

The website builder is user-friendly and comes with an extensive choice of widgets as well as mobile responsive and fully customizable templates. Being a drag-and-drop website builder, it ensures efficient and quick results.

It’s not a secret that uKit mainly focuses on the visual aspects of the web creation process rather than on its technical nuances, but this is exactly what web designers expect from the systems of this type. But that’s not it. uKit is also known for its web promotion efficacy.

Among the features it offers in this respect, we can mention website analytics tools, meta-tag options, understandable SEO guidelines and more. Having launched a website with uKit, you can participate in its partnership program that allows getting passive income from the projects you develop. Such feature just cannot be left unnoticed.



Bookmark is a new, but promising cloud website builder. It is easy to use, flexible and comes with a wide range of features that are common for WYSIWYG website builders. Thus, Bookmark has a convenient and easy-to-master dashboard, various website editing options, a nice template gallery (although, the choice of templates is a bit limited here). The templates, by the way, are customizable and can be edited with regard to your web building needs.

By using Bookmark, you won’t have problems when building landing pages, promo websites and other projects most web designers generally focus on. All in all, this a nice web building tool for a great start!


There is no need to deny the fact that the choice of the best website builder software is one of the key success factors for any freelance web designer or web studio. These tools are functional, flexible and easy-to-use, which allows you to increase the amount of successfully completed projects, saving the time and effort invested.

The website builders reviewed above are meant for different niche projects, but all of them share the same purpose – to optimize, simplify and speed up the web creation process. And they perfectly cope with this task.


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