Take MotoCMS for a Test Drive With This Giveaway

Take MotoCMS for a Test Drive

With MotoCMS you don’t have to be a pro developer or hire an army of professionals to produce your own stylish website.

MotoCMS is a really powerful CMS built with CSS3, HTML5, LESS, jQuery and AngularJS.

They’ve been running for more than 5 years and have thousands of happy customers. MotoCMS has a huge collection of themes, suitable for any kind of business.

Let me give you an introduction to MotoCMS, and then we’ll offer a great giveaway.

Why consider MotoCMS? The Admin Panel

The MotoCMS admin panel s a user-friendly website builder, allowing each website owner to modify an existing design or even build one from scratch.

The WYSIWYG editor has drag-and-drop functionality that allow you to edit various site elements, controllong their position and color.

Inside the admin panel, you can set up the color scheme of yoursite, using the Color Picker. Starting with 5 main colors, the Color Picker generates 25 color tones with 5 additional colors to help you with your website styling.

The admin panel allows you to create different types of content including photo, audio, video and documents.

color picker

Why consider MotoCMS? Responsive design

Mobile devices made the web surfing much more convenient for users. With more powerful smartphones and tablets it became possible to go online anytime and at any place. Thus, a mobile version of your website has at least as much significance as a desktop one..

All MotoCMS 3 website templates are responsive. The visitors to your MotoCMS site can browser on their mobile devices without losing any content.

Why consider MotoCMS? 24/7 customer support

MotoCMS offers not only a well-made product, but it provides the high-level of service. Each MotoCMS customer has 24/7 access to professional tech support. Make a phone call or contact us via live chat … you’ll get an immediatel answer. The operators will give you the best advice about your template, the admin panel or its functionality.

Why consider MotoCMS? The E-commerce plugin

The MotoCMS e-commerce plugin is a special offer for online store owners.

You can manage your shop right in MotoCMS the admin panel. Here you will be able to create product catalogs, view the information about each customer, set discounts and promo codes, take care of taxes, improve SEO settings and do other stuff to make your online business profitable.

The MotoCMS plugin is available for $99.

Why consider MotoCMS? Great design

Here are some examples of MotoCMS templates:

#1. A template for a hair salon

Web Design for Hair Restoration Clinic

#2. A template for a web design studio

Web Developing Website Template

#3. A template for web services company

Global Business Website Design

The MotoCMS giveaway

Where you’re a fan of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS, it’s worth taking MotoCMS for a test drive.

To help you experience MotoCMS, they’re giving away a free template and website. These template can worth $200 or more. You can host the site with MotoCMS or on your own servers.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Look at the MotoCMS templates and find one you really like. Make a note of the Item number.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post with the number of your favorite template.

It’s as simple as that. The winner will be randomly selected in 10 days time on December 14th.


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Does it come with “multi-language” support?


MotoCMS provides customers tech support in English, German and Russian. As for now the admin panel is available in the same languages.


Thanks. Maybe “support” was the wrong term or my old school english to blame 😉 I mean, does it have a multi-lingual feature? Can I create a multi-lingual website?


Thank you for the question. MotoCMS 3 doesn’t have an automatic multi-lingual feature. Nevertheless, it is possible to create a multi-lingual website with MotoCMS 3 thanks to the opportunity for creating nested pages.


So, I would manage all languages in one “tree”? Each language has its own “branch” in the navigation and file structure? Still unsure, because the help center has only 2 related entries for this topic:


MotoCMS 3 allows to create a multi-lingual website. Those 2 entries are related to the MotoCMS HTML, which is another version of our product, the previous one. If you have any technical questions about multi-lingual website creation, please submit a ticket here [url=https://support.cms-guide.com/hc/en-us/requests/new]https://support.cms-guide.c…[/url] and our tech support operators will provide you with a detailed instruction.


i like the template with this id

number 55505


i like the template with this id

number 55505


it’s really nice

Seppo Alaruikka

Number 55335 is my favorite.


I like template 55983 MotoCMS looks interesting. Giving it a closer look.

David Zapicchi

#55861 template Moto CMS looks great .


My favorite is 5553!

Yaeger Design


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