6 Ways to Earn Money Once You’ve Learned WordPress

6 Ways to Earn Money Once You’ve Learned WordPress

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of expanding your technical knowledge, WordPress is a great place to start. WordPress powers over 27 percent of the web, making it the most popular content management system out there.

While WordPress is a do-it-yourself solution to building a website, it comes with a learning curve, and taking courses to build your knowledge above the average WordPress user can greatly pay off.

Want to make money with your WordPress knowledge? Here are six ways to earn money once you’ve learned the more technical side of WordPress.

1. Start Your Own Blog

As a blog-building platform, the obvious money-making solution for applying your WordPress knowledge is using it to start your own blog. With the technical skills to build a beautiful site and the SEO knowledge to help get your site noticed, you can start gaining traffic in no time. All you have to do to get started is sign up with a cheap quality host, install WordPress, customize the theme layout, and add your content.

Focus your topic to a specific niche to help increase your chance of success, and consider building a team of content writers and marketers to help you grow your blog. Once your blog starts seeing traffic, you can start making money through:

  • Affiliate sales
  • Ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Membership fees
  • Digital and physical products

You can also use a blog to grow your fan base and authority in your field to begin charging speaking fees and offering relevant services to boost your income.

2. Set Up an e-Commerce Site

Once you’re familiar with WordPress, you’ll have the knowledge needed to set up your own eCommerce website. This can work hand-in-hand with a blog or on its own. Start by choosing an industry and product, and then search for manufacturers and suppliers whose products you’re passionate about and you want to sell. If you’re a passionate and creative, you can even sell your own products. Just be sure to follow any local laws pertaining to hand-made items, sales tax, etc.

With your WordPress knowledge, you’ll be able to tackle the final step with ease: setting up your site. A good eCommerce site that’s user-friendly and attractive can make or break your success as an online retailer. Make no mistake; running an online business is tough work, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, your WordPress skills will help make it a success.

WooCommerce training

3. Become a WordPress Consultant

The more WordPress knowledge you acquire, the better position you’ll be in to assist other people with their websites. As a WordPress consultant, you can begin teaching WordPress to beginners or help them with setting up their site. With text and video tutorials, you can turn your consultant services in a passive revenue stream. Consider working with influential bloggers in the WordPress community to get testimonials from them and boost online sales.

4. Offer Site Setup Services

If you’d rather spend less time teaching others how to use WordPress and more time working with the program yourself, consider offering WordPress setup services. There are plenty of individuals and business owners who want to start a website with the power of WordPress but don’t want to take the time to learn it. Others might try to work with it and find that some aspects are too technical for them to tackle on their own. That’s when they turn to someone like you.

As part of your services, you can help clients install WordPress, upload themes, customize themes, integrate their opt-in forms with email marketing software, recommend plugins, and more.

There are two ways to make money setting up WordPress sites for others. The obvious choice is to charge a flat fee for a bundle of services. The other is to offer the setup free and then make money through affiliate links by recommending products you use and love, such as hosting packages and specific plugins. You might also find a job being employed by a bigger company that needs someone to help manage their WordPress site full-time.

5. Become a Content Writer

Sites all over the web are looking for fresh content on WordPress-related topics. With an in-depth knowledge about WordPress, you can write for these websites and get paid to do it. You can find jobs through job boards like the ProBlogger Job Board, pitch articles directly to WordPress and development blogs that pay, or start your own site so people can find your services through search engines. Since you already have the knowledge to start a WordPress site and make it SEO friendly, there’s a good chance you’ll land several clients through your writer website.

The problogger job board

6. Sell Themes and Plugins

Go beyond the basics and expand your WordPress skillset by learning how to write code for WordPress themes and plugins. You’ll be able to sell these bits of software from marketplaces like Themeforest. Otherwise, you can sell from your own website with the freedom to set your own prices and manage affiliates. As you’re starting out, you might consider offering versions of your themes and plugins free to get feedback and start building a brand. That way, you can launch your premium themes and plugins successfully.

In a world where over a quarter of the web is powered by WordPress, having an in-depth knowledge of the system can be greatly beneficial and put you on a profitable career path. Which one of these suggestions might you pursue after completing your WordPress training courses?


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