Our New WordPress Coding Class is Live

WordPress Coding Class

Here at OSTraining, we split our time between online and live training.

Today we merge the two types of training in a new course called “WordPress Custom Content Types“.

Earlier this year, we held a live training class in Michigan. For three days, Topher taught a small group of attendees how to code with WordPress. We filmed that class and it’s ready for you to watch online.

Topher uses custom content types as a chance to explore WordPress coding in general.

Topher starts by explaining how plugins work and the correct way to approach building them. He then explains content types by creating two: one for staff members and another for the departments they work in. Along the way, Topher touches on everything from how to use the WordPress codex to shortcodes, hooks and custom taxonomies.

If you want to start coding with WordPress, you need to watch “WordPress Custom Content Types“.

Sample video #1 from the class

{snippet wpcctvideo1}

Sample video #2 from the class

{snippet wpcctvideo2}

The WordPress Custom Content Types syllabus


  • Dissecting the Archive Template File
  • Dissecting the Content Template File
  • Dissecting Other Template Files
  • Understanding the Template Hierarchy
  • Starting the Project


  • Theme and Plugin Design Philosophy Part 1
  • Theme and Plugin Design Philosophy Part 2
  • Recently Active Plugins
  • Section Q&A Part 1
  • Section Q&A Part 2
  • Section Q&A Part 3

Content Types

  • Creating the Staff Content Type
  • Adding Content to the Content Type
  • Exploring the Database with PhpMyAdmin
  • Adding the Department Content Type
  • Adding Menus

Staff Pages

  • Creating the Staff Archive Page
  • Adding the Custom Fields
  • Aside: Troubleshooting Broken Code

Staff Template

  • Creating the Single Archive Page
  • Using WP Codex
  • Creating an MU Plugin


  • Introduction to the Posts to Posts Plugin
  • Setting up the Plugin
  • Posts to Posts Plugin Part 3
  • Moving the Code to a Function


  • Introduction to Shortcodes
  • Creating the Shortcode
  • Using Shortcodes in Widgets
  • Randomizing the Output from the Shortcode

Enqueing in WordPress

  • Enqueing CSS in WordPress
  • Enqueing Javascript in WordPress


  • Introduction to Hooks
  • Creating a Hook


  • Custom Taxonomies

Click here to see the full WordPress Custom Content Types class.


  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of OSTraining. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve's work straddles the line between teaching and web development.

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10 years ago

Great news. I was ready to get into plugin development, and was trying to figure out the best way to pick up training in it. Thanks.

10 years ago

I’m glad to see that Dan and I were labeled “web geeks” by the floating arrows in the clip. 🙂

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