The WordPress Beginner Class is Free, Thanks to GoDaddy

The WordPress Beginner Class is Free, Thanks to GoDaddy

The holidays are here, so read this WordPress news to bring you good cheer.

We’re launching the best, free way to learn WordPress.

One year ago, we published “The Drupal 8 Beginner Class” on YouTube. That class now has nearly 1 million views, and is the first place that many people go to learn Drupal.

Today, we’re delighted to launch “The WordPress Beginner Class“. The class has 40 videos that are all fresh for WordPress 4.7. And, of course, they’re 100% free!

Thanks to GoDaddy

The WordPress Beginner Class is made possible by GoDaddy.

In recent years, GoDaddy has made enormous strides towards improving their WordPress offerings. They are not the GoDaddy you remember from many years ago. Just a few weeks ago, they integrated ManageWP into their hosting, so it’s super-easy to keep all your sites up-to-date.

18 months ago, we wrote an article welcoming GoDaddy into our open source communities. This line is still very true today:

GoDaddy is so big and enjoys such enormous marketshare, that it can only be good for us to welcome them.

Click this link to save big on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting.


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