New Drupal Webform Class


Webform is one of the most useful and versatile Drupal modules.

You can use the Webform module whenever you need people to send you information.

Using Webform, you can create everything from simple contact and registration forms to complex, multi-page surveys.

We’re pleased to announce that our latest class launch is Drupal 7 Webforms.

About the Drupal 7 Webforms Class

This class is taught by Brian from Modules Unraveled who has taught several other excellent classes with us.

After introducing the Webform module, the class is divided into three sections.

First, there’s an in-depth explanation of all the fields that can be added to a webform:

  • Textfield and Textarea
  • Email and Number
  • Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
  • Select List and Grid
  • Date and Time
  • File, Hidden and Markup
  • Fieldset and Page Break
  • Conditional and Private

Second, Brian shows you how to handle form submissions:

  • Analyzing and Downloading Submissions
  • Sending Emails on Form Submission
  • Additional Form Settings

Finally, Brian explains how to use Webform in more advanced ways, including spam blocking and making private notes on submissions.

  • Using Webform as a Contact Form
  • Using Private Fields for Internal Communication
  • Using Mollom to Prevent Spam

Click here to see the full Drupal 7 Webforms class.


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