Our Popular Class “Why Should You Use Joomla?” Is Now Free

We are happy to announce that “Why Should You Use Joomla?” is now a free class.

These videos are ideal if you or your client are in the middle of making a decision what CMS to choose for your next Web project.

The course consists of thirteen short videos. It covers the top 10 reasons why you might want to choose Joomla over alternative CMS.

Choose Joomla, because it gives you a competitive edge from the get go as it is the most robust CMS out of the box. The very second you install it, you have an absolute wealth of free software, with tons of features available. It can be as powerful, flexible and beautiful as you need with less work. If you are a developer, you can pass those savings onto your clients.

Choose Joomla, because if you need more, there is more. With more than 7,000 actively developed Joomla extensions with their awesome features, your client’s site will never be short of features and functionality. And your client will love you for that.

Choose Joomla, because it is easy to install, easy to update, therefore it is one of the easiest CMSs to maintain. You need only three easy steps to install it. The CMS itself and the majority of its extensions can be updated with one click. It makes security unbelievably manageable. And there are fantastic extensions available for backing up and restoring or moving your site when you need to.

Choose Joomla CMS, because Joomla works the way you work. Creating content with the easy process we call CASh Workflow, and content versioning is very simple: you Categorize, you Add and then you Show via a menu. WYSIWYG HTML content editor is available for you out of the box. With Joomla or 3-rd party modules, place your content anywhere, anytime and in any circumstance.

Choose Joomla CMS because it is user-friendly, searchable and sociable. It helps people find your site and your content, using advance micro-data and search engine optimization tools. Joomla is a really advanced system in this area. It allows the site editor to add tags, descriptions, keywords, and have human-friendly URLs.

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  • Alex Smirnov

    Born from Ukrainian mother and Russian father, Alex migrated to the United Kingdom in 1999. He is a self-taught Microsoft Certified Professional. He enjoys learning content management systems and helping web site developers make the most of them.

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