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Do you use Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento or other PHP software?

If you answered “yes”, then you use MySQL.

MySQL is the world’s most popular database program and if you build websites, you’ll benefit from an understanding of MySQL.

Today we’re giving away 10 copies of the best-selling book,ย MySQL Explained. This book was published 6 months ago, and has been sitting on top of Amazon’s listings ever since.

MySQL Explained is a clear, step-by-step guide that will enable you to understand how your data is being stored and give you the ability to design your own custom applications!

About MySQL Explained

MysqlIf you’ve read an OSTraining book before (such as Drupal Explained or Joomla 3 Explained), you’ll recognize the same style in MySQL Explained.

And as with our others books, MySQL Explained is aimed at beginners. You don’t have to be a professional database designer to understand and make use of MySQL.

Written especially for people who are new to MySQL, the book starts by helping you understand the very definition of a database, the forms it can take and the different options for storing information.

By the end of this book, you’ll understand the reasons for choosing MySQL, the options for installing it and the tools that it offers to store and safeguard your data.

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How to win a copy of MySQL Explained

  • Post a comment under this article.
  • In your comment, answer this question, “What is your favorite software that uses MySQL?”
  • Entries close on August 19th.
  • After the closing date, we’ll email the 10 lucky winners and send them a free e-book copy of MySQL Explained.


  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of OSTraining. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve's work straddles the line between teaching and web development.

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My favourite software that can use MySQL as a DB engine is IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. It can use all the major DB engines like Oracle, DB2 and MSSQL but it also can use MySQL which is amazing achievement for the DB, since that software is really complex


@mihha_vision Thanks. I did a quick search and was surprised to see just how many IBM products use MySQL.


Yes, it is surprising to see that such a large number of SW products from IBM have support for MySQL. Unfortunately, this is something from the “old” days. Lately, this support is dropping rapidly from various SW products


No, one of the advantages of software like Drupal is that you don’t need to know code. MySQL works behind the scenes.

Dorothy Firsching

My favorite software that uses MySQL is Joomla! Joomla! is a great productivity tool, enabling users with modest technical knowledge to administer sophisticated content, with functionality built using Joomla’s resource base of great extensions that support quick deployment of applications meeting business needs. MySQL provides a standard database management system that enables it all to work together.
I also use other MySQL-based software, but Joomla! usually makes me smile when things just work well out of the box.

Mustafa Abd El Rhman

okay i love use Mysql with magneto its a amazing system this platform is a very good solution on osc

Norsk Design

I use MySQL with a couple of software’s but my favorite and most used software is Joomla.



Shivendra Deo

Drupal. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jeff Wilson

Favourite software for me is Joomla! all the way. If this book is a good as the Joomla! 3 explained book then it will be a winner also!

Zacharias Pirinis

My favorite software that uses MySQL is joomla!


My favorite software that uses MySQL is Drupal!


My favorite software that uses MySQL is joomla!


My favorite software that uses MySQL is Joomla!


My favourite software is Joomla and have been here all great 10 years. After that is Moodle and SugarCRM.



Rob Bradshaw

My favourite software that uses MySQL is WordPress.

Craig Mackay

Sounds like a useful book. My main MySQL focus is with Joomla.


My favorite software that uses MySQL is Yii2 and CodeIgniter! Love the MySQL very much the way it works.

Peter BMW ฤŒoko

hi.. my favorite cms software that uses MySQL is joomla.. and php ๐Ÿ™‚

โ ุฃุญู…ุฏ ุฒูŠู†  โž

My favorite software that uses MySQL is Drupal 7,8 and also managing the DB using SequalPro and terminal.


My favorite software that uses MySQL is Drupal!


I’m another one whose favourite is Drupal, but then that’s the product I’m using at the moment that uses mySQL!

Robert Holzler

Joomla! is my favorite software that uses MySQL. The amazing open architecture combined with the flexibility of the MySQL/PHP combination makes it my go-to choice for websites, portals, database interfaces and online stores.

Erick C. Allen Sr.

My favorite software that uses MySQL is WordPress and as a Drupal 8 beginner I see it is integral.

Kelly Gardner

Definitely Joomla


I’d have to say WordPress, in spite of recent issues we’ve had around security with our WordPress sites.


Joomla! uses MySQL and Joomla is my favourite software. There is no better open source software for building websites than Joomla.

Yaeger Design

It’s hard to nail down just one software, but I’ll go ahead and mention OpenCart which I love to work with due to its simplicity!

Adrian Cid Almaguer

My favorite software that uses MySQL is Drupal.


If this is anything like your other books I hope I win! My favorite software is Joomla!. Though I am starting to use Elgg as well, Joomla! fits everything I need now.


Just happened to see the table of contents for this book on Amazon. I must say it is very nice to see a comprehensive way of teaching MySQL from the very beginning to becoming very productive in say less than a week.


It is simply Drupal, but at the company I am working (SkadIT) at we also use MySQL as a DB engine for a mystery shopping web-based software and a bunch of other applications.

Bonnie D.

My favorite MySQL software is probably WordPress. Thanks for the giveaway!

Robert Kydd

Using the Joomla CMS the two most important things. MySQL and the support from OSTraining !!



Amber Killinger

My favorite software that uses MySQL is WordPress with Joomla and ZenCart close second and third.


I use Symfony framework. And I use MySQL. Thanks for a chance!

Chris Malley

I’ve setup dozens of Joomla! sites, with Community Builder and Chronoforms, to create some custom uses of data tables for clients.




I learned MySQL during my first year as a web design and animation student, but little did I know that I was using it already in my WordPress site. I used to be afraid touching it on phpMyAdmin but not anymore. I would love to refresh my knowledge on it and learn more. Actually, I love that I can manipulate data using queries and all that CRUD.

Mike Bybee

My favorite tool that uses MySQL is Drupal, by a long shot. It can be a simple blog, news site or super-complex CMS, shopping cart, CRM, ERP, LMS, Document Management System, and much more.

Rudy-Dario Valenzuela

Since I start to develop with MySQL in the database environment many good things happens in my career. First, I can offer my clients a pretty safe database with affordable investment, this means that small and large business has the access to this wonderful DB. Second, this allows me to develop without the need to have an access to big servers, also allows me a localhost environment with the same safe specs as the giant ones. And I think the best one is since MySQL the software to access is not too important, just need the right DBengines and you can have data warehouses to the many kind of apps. In my case the most language to use MySQL is PHP. At this moment I had more than 12 years working with MySQL and stills learning possibilities to data managing and manipulation, this is a great feature of the DB… you can have access to the manuals on line!! sometimes the explanation to commands and features are not well explained but with a little effort it is possible to understand it, anyway that’s why I think it is highly important to have this book as your mentor in the MySQL use.

Nawainruk Icus

I wouldn’t say it my favourite when I haven’t give enough time working with other CMSes.

But I do really like using Joomla! eversince its early version.Not that I understand the technical thingies, but there are abundant resources which I can refer to. Or perhaps, simply because I have no guts to try other CMS ?


Both Joomla! and Drupal

Sean Brady

My favourite software that uses MySQL is undoubtedly Joomla!
I love using Joomla! because it does most things ‘out of the box’ and, with the help of excellent components and plug-ins, it does so much more.
Since December 2014, I’ve been working on a new version of my site, which is dedicated to Texan country music legend, Gene Watson, a site which I plan to launch in late August 2016.
I love the way by which Joomla! helps me to piece together a site, which I hope does Gene Watson justice.

Astrid Nova

My favorite software that uses MySQL is Drupal, but unfortunately my partner, who built our interactive citizen-journalist website, was involved in a bicycle vs 4WD accident that affected his ability to maintain it. It is difficult relying on our new webhosts for upgrades or subcontracting people, so I am trying to teach myself about MySQL, PHP and Drupal. It is hard to know where to start, but maybe your course will help me to learn and him to remember.


@astridnova Sorry to hear that. This book won’t help you learn Drupal, unfortunately. We do have some videos and books specifically on Drupal.


Hi, Steve. My fav MySQL software is Joomla!, but I do work with WordPress (so easy) and the photo publishing software, Koken.

KlintWeb - Niels

Primary Joomla and secondary WordPress


Joomla! But MySQL is so ubiquitous, you find used in many other products.

Steve D

My favourite software that uses MySQL is PHPMyAdmin! Because it automates tasks that I need to do in a hurry, gives me a nice GUI front end to my db’s and because it integrates seamlessly with my web server (which hosts mostly Drupal, which is my second most favourite software that uses MySQL ๐Ÿ™‚


Drupal with Xampp wich I use for development


My favorite software is Joomla

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