Joomla 3 Day is August 15th

joomla 3 explained

We released Joomla! Explained almost exactly three years ago.

That guide to Joomla 2.5 became the best-selling and best-reviewed Joomla book.

Now, we’re delighted to announce a new edition of the book: Joomla 3 Explained. The book has been almost completely re-written to deal with Joomla 3.

Joomla 3 Explained will be available at the beginning of August. To celebrate we’re holding a special “Joomla 3 Day”.

Joomla 3 Day will be like an online Joomla Day. We’re going to have a series of presentations and invite people to hang out, learn and ask questions of the expert presenters. The whole day will focus on Joomla 3.

We also have a really special offer for everyone who buys Joomla 3 Explained. Read on to find out more …

What are the details of Joomla 3 Day?

What topics will be covered?

Just like any Joomla Day, we hope to cover a very broad range of topics. Here are some presentations we already have lined up:

  • Fotis Evangelou: The new version of K2
  • Tessa Mero: Joomla in Education
  • Victor Drover: Joomla 3 SEO and marketing and services
  • Bill Tomzack: Comparing the code needed for Joomla 2 and 3 extensions
  • Nick Savov: The Install from web feature in Joomla 3
  • Max Lynam and Philip Locke: Joostrap and Bootstrap 3 for Joomla 3 templates
  • Parth Lawate: Joomla 3 for Site Builders

How do I attend the day?

Just follow our blog or make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter. You can join the newsletter via the sign-up form at the bottom of this page. We’ll announce more details as we get closer to August 15th.

Can I give a presentation?

Yes, absolutely. If your presentation would work at a normal Joomla day, it will work for our online Joomla 3 Day. Click here to apply to speak at Joomla 3 Day.

Can I get a copy of Joomla 3 Explained?

Yes, you can pre-order Joomla 3 Explained from Amazon and other book stores. At least in the U.S., copies should start shipping in the first week of August.


  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of OSTraining. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve's work straddles the line between teaching and web development.

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This sounds great! I always thought a JoomlaDay virtual version would be great! I just submitted a talk 🙂


Wonderful, thanks Mike!

Peter Bui

Sounds awesome!


Thanks Peter. We’d love to have you present, if you can make it.


Great idea Steve! I will take some vacations mid-September, so I will not start to use the OS training membership before October. Will your offer still on at that time? Or could I activate it later?


Hi Herve
Yes, absolutely. Feel free to ping us whenever you’re ready to start the training.


Excellent! You guys rocks (and Joomla too 😎

Jeff Wilson

I am assuming when I purchase my copy you will add the two months to the end of my existing membership. What do you want from me to show that I have the book from Amazon when it arrives?


Hey Jeff, yes, we can absolutely do that for you.
Just forward us the receipt or a screenshot of part of it.


Joomla Day looks great…it will be good if I know the specific timing so that I can schedule my calendar….I am from India.
I have already decided to purchase Joomla 3 book…is there any time limit for this book? I am planning to buy this book a week or two weeks after

optombvpu it necessary to purchase book now to get 2 months free…i am planning to buy after a week or two


Hi Rahul
We always offer 1 free month to anyone who buys our books.
This special 2 month offer will run until the end of August.

Max Lynam

should be fun


What is the link to the Hangout please?


We realized that Google Hangouts had some limitations that we just couldn’t work around for this, so we’ve webinar links here: [url=]…[/url]

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