Join Us for Joomla’s Pizza, Bugs, and Fun on March 16th


Some of our staff will be participating in Joomla’s Pizza, Bugs, and Fun (PBF) event on Saturday, March 16th, 2013, and we’d like you to join us in the fun.

Joomla’s PBF events are one day events for the main purpose of squashing bugs before a release, while having fun and engaging with the Joomla community.

They are usually virtual events with some live local venues around the world. For the virtual attendance, you can come and go as you’d like, however for some of the local local venues, pre-registration is required.

Who can participate?

One of the best parts about PBF is that anyone can help out.  You don’t have to be a coder or a Joomla expert to help.  If you know how to setup a local enviroment, you can learn a few more tricks to test patches (i.e. software fixes).  Also, if you’re not comfortable with running Joomla on your PC and don’t have an interest in learning, there are a number of other tasks that can be done at the event, such as writing documentation, reporting bugs, and other miscellaneous items (See the Get Connected section below to find out where else you can help).

Why participate?

Participating in a PBF is an excellent way to meet new people, to learn new things, and to improve Joomla, so we hope that you’ll join us this Saturday, March 16th, 2013 for the event.  To get you prepared for the event, this article will give you some information on how to get connected and on how to test patches for bugs.

Get Connected

  1. If you use Twitter, follow @JoomlaBugSquad and use the hashtag #JoomlaPBF
  2. If you use Skype, join us on our instant messagging Skype group chat for PBF.  To join the Skype group, add “nick.savov” as a contact and I’ll get you added to the group.
  3. There are also a number of live local venues around the world, including one at Joomla!Day Boston.  To see a list of live venues, click here.


  1. Report a Joomla Bug
  2. Official PBF Documentation

Windows PC resources:

  1. How to install Joomla locally
  2. How to install TortoiseGit
  3. How to create a local version of the Joomla Github Repository using TortoiseGit
  4. How to update your local repository using TortoiseGit
  5. How to test a Joomla patch using TortoiseGit

Mac resources:

  1. How to install Joomla locally
  2. (More coming later)


  • Nick Savov

    Nick is the Director of Support at OSTraining and you can find him in almost every area of the site, from answering support requests and account questions to creating tutorials and software.

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