The Joomla 3 Day Schedule is Live

joomla 3 explained

joomla 3 explainedWe’re holding an event called “Joomla 3 Day” this Thursday and Friday.

Joomla 3 Day will be like a free, online Joomla Day.

We’re going to have a series of presentations and invite people to hang out, learn and ask questions of the expert presenters. The whole day will focus on Joomla 3.

The event is being held to mark the publication of Joomla 3 Explained. The book has been almost completely re-written to deal with Joomla 3.

We’d love you to join us on Thursday or Friday this week, either for 1 presentation or for all 18.

What are the details of Joomla 3 Day?

  • Dates: Thursday, August 14th and Friday, August 15th
  • Times: Presentations are listed in EDT (New York City). Convert EST to your timezone.
  • Cost: Nothing. All webinars are 100% free to attend.
  • Topics: We have expert speakers from around the world, covering Joomla 3 from all angles.
  • Presenters: We have Joomla experts from Australia, India, Greece, the U.K., Canada, Bulgaria, Croatia and the United States.
  • Format: Just like any normal Joomla event, we’ll have presentations of 30 to 40 minutes, followed by questions.
  • Organizers: The organizers are OSTraining, Steve Burge (the author of Joomla 3 Explained) and
  • Got any questions? Click here to contact us.

The complete schedule for Joomla 3 Day

Time (EDT) Topic Presenter Description Register

Friday, August 15th (13 sessions)

06:00 AM


Speed Up Your Joomla Website Daniel Kanchev Learn how to optimize your Joomla website and make it more than 100 times faster! Finished

07:00 AM


K2 and Joomla 3 Fotis Evangelou The K2 team have been hard at work on a new version of their hugely popular K2 extension. Find out what’s coming in the new K2! Finished

08:00 AM


Joostrap: Joomla and Bootstrap 3 Phillip Locke and Max Lynam Joostrap brings the power of Bootstrap 3 to Joomla templates. See how to build powerful, responsive Joomla templates. Finished

09:00 AM


A Joomla 3 Site-building Demo Rod Martin This is a site-building tutorial. Rod will demonstrate site building techniques to quickly create a website for a small town, using only free extensions. Finished

10:00 AM


Introducing the Joomla 3 Demo API Ryan Bernstein and Jonathan Gafill Enable your site visitors to Joomla demo applications directly from your website. Instantly provide demos of fully customized sites or a fresh Joomla installation. Finished

11:00 AM


Native Internationalization with Joomla 3 Ron Van Schaik Ron will discuss converting unilingual sites to multilingual using the Joomla native multilingual system. The free extension Josetta will also be discussed. Finished

12:00 PM


Using Joomla 3 without knowing PHP Tessa Kriesl Tips and tricks to help you utilize Joomla 3 to build powerful websites without knowing any PHP! You will learn how to utilize some great extensions from the JED to help you create a powerful website. Finished

1:00 PM


Joomla 3’s ACL Explained Randy Carey Joomla’s ACL is the mechanism that provides access control based upon a user’s group membership. This presentation illuminates the richer approach and new possibilities in Joomla 3 – such as role-based ACL. Finished

2:00 PM


Everything You Wanted to Know About Joomla 3* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) Mike Demopoulos In 45 minutes we will go over some of the quickest and best things you can do to use Joomla safely and responsibly, and have fun doing it. Welcome to Everything you wanted to know about Joomla but were afraid to ask. Finished

3:00 PM


Joomla 3 and Social Media Daniel Metcalf So many clients focus on design and not the total marketing plan. We will show you what tools and resources you can use with Joomla 3 to help strengthen your marketing message. Finished

4:00 PM


Install from Web in Joomla 3 Nick Savov Learn how the Install from Web feature can make your Joomla 3 site-building much faster. And, how can you make sure your extension takes advantage of this new feature to reach more users? Finished

5:00 PM


Joomla 3 in Education Tessa Mero What does it take to run a Joomla class for real students? Tessa teaches Joomla at a college near Seattle and she’ll share the lessons she’s learned in the classroom. Finished

6:00 PM


Coding for Joomla 2 vs Joomla 3 Bill Tomcazk What do you need to know if you’re preparing an extension for Joomla 2 and Joomla 3? What’s new in Joomla 3 that you can take advantage of? Finished

Thursday, August 14th (6 sessions)

6:00 AM


Designers Get With Git Pete Bui A guide for designers creating templates in Joomla 3 and managing code in Git. Finished

07:00 AM


Joomla 3 for Site-Builders Parth Lawate This presentation for site builders will give you skills to help avoid common mistakes and build an awesome, sustainable and easy to manage Joomla website. Finished

08:00 AM


E-Commerce with Joomla 3 and Quick2Cart Dipti and Vidyasagar Quick2Cart and Joomla 3 are an awesome combination for creating Ecommerce sites that work with minimum bloat.  Learn more and get a hands-on-look! Finished

09:00 AM


Building Social Networks with Joomla 3

Ashwin Date Niche social networks or corporate intranets can be built with Joomla. Attend this session if you want to check out the various exciting things you can achieve with Joomla! Finished

10:00 AM


Crowdfunding with Joomla 3

Manoj and Amol Crowdfunding is a great way for innovators and non-profits to raise funds. jGive and Joomla gives you the tools to build a crowdfunding website. Finished

11:00 AM


redCORE – an Abstracted Development Layer for Joomla 3

Kristijan Zivcec redCORE is a RAD Layered abstraction layer that focuses on the development of complex extensions. You will see some unprecedented examples of what Joomla can really do. Finished


  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of OSTraining. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve's work straddles the line between teaching and web development.

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Kelly Gardner

This is a very cool concept! I am not able to attend these sessions Thursday or Friday… will you be offering a virtual Joomla day like this again? Or will the sessions be available for viewing after the fact?


Thanks Kelly
Yes, we do aim to edit all the videos and put them on our YouTube channel.


Do you know when they will be on youtube?


Hi Peter
Just finishing the videos now. Subscribe to [url=]…[/url] and you’ll be notified as they get posted.


What Kelly G said!

Another great opportunity to learn via THE Joomla Learning Channel… aka OSTraining


Thanks Jim!


Tried to sign up for the ACL class but system tells me that there’s a problem with registration?


Sorry, toad78
Is it just that webinar that throws errors for you?


Yes. Just that one.


OK, sorry. That was a GotoWebinar bug.
Could you try again now?




Great. See you Friday!

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