Gutenberg Videos Arrive at OSTraining

Gutenberg Videos Arrive at OSTraining

This week’s new video class brings the new Gutenberg editor to the OSTraining library.

The Beginners Guide to WordPress” is now 100% up-to-date for the new era of WordPress blocks. The new videos talk about Gutenberg in depth, from using your first blocks, to creating your own block library.

Here’s an introductory video from the new, Gutenberg-infused, WordPress beginner class. This video introduces some of the cool new block options in Gutenberg. It even shows you how to use the old Classic Editor inside a block!

More Gutenberg goodness

And if you’d like some text tutorials to complement the videos, the OSTraining blog is busy with fresh Gutenberg content:

We’ve gone from no releases to ALL the releases

Gutenberg is moving fast and even today’s new videos will soon be updated again.

Matt has announced 9 new priorities for 2019. New Gutenberg features are arriving quickly, both big and small. When it comes to big features, the Gutenberg team are already making progress with converting all widgets to blocks. When it comes to small features, expect to see lots more improvements like these new settings for the YouTube embed block:

Gutenberg block embed

We’ve seen two updates since WordPress 5.0 was launched and WordPress 5.0.3 is due on January 9. WordPress 5.1 is due about 5 weeks later and I suspect we’ll keep up a frantic pace throughout 2019.

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll roll out Gutenberg into more and more WordPress video classes and books. At the moment, many themes and plugins aren’t ready for Gutenberg. And, many WordPress users still prefer to use the Classic Editor. This full adoption of Gutenberg will be a process for everyone involved with WordPress, and we’ll reflect that here at OSTraining.

If you work in the WordPress world, strap in. After 2 years without any significant changes, WordPress is taking off like a rocket.


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