New Class: How to Build a Drupal 7 Jobs Site

How to Build a Drupal 7 Jobs Site

We’re happy to add another large and highly-useful new class to the OSTraining library today, How to Build a Drupal 7 Jobs Site.

This class has over 60 videos and is a complete introduction to the principles and skills needed to build websites in Drupal 7. This is a practical hands-on class and you can follow along with every step.

During this class, you’re going to build a job-posting site:

  • We start the class by getting you set up with a Drupal site.
  • You’ll learn about content types, taxonomy, content display, image styles and permissions.
  • You’ll get an introduction to Views, landing pages, blocks, caching and more.
  • You’ll build menus and URLs.
  • You select modules, test new features, add calendars and explore powerful extra features.
  • You’ll discover and install great themes.
  • You’ll learn about content editing and content workflows.

Outline of the Build a Drupal 7 Jobs Site Class


  • Welcome
  • Getting Ready for the Class
  • How to Install a Module
  • Preparing to Build the Site
  • Planning Your New Site


  • Planning the User Roles
  • Creating User Roles
  • The Masquerade Module
  • Configuring the User Settings

Site Building

  • Understanding Content Types
  • Understanding Taxonomy
  • The Anatomy of a Drupal Site
  • Site Building Exercises
  • Site Building Summary

Content Types

  • Planning Content Types
  • Planning Field Types and Widgets
  • Plan a New Content Type
  • Create The Job Posting Content Type
  • How to Modify Existing Fields
  • How to Reuse a Field
  • Creating a New Taxomomy
  • Add a Taxonomy Field to a Content Type
  • Add a Term Reference Fields
  • Manage the Display of Fields
  • Manage the Display of Articles
  • Creating Image Styles
  • Permissions for a Content Type
  • Using the Devel Module to Generate Content

Content Display and Organization

  • Introduction to Views
  • Installing Views
  • Create a List of Content With Views
  • Create a View for the Job Postings
  • Different Displays With Views
  • Create a Related Content Block with Contextual Views
  • Create a List of Terms With Views
  • Create a Contextually Filtered Block
  • Views Caching
  • Adding a Entity Reference Field

Site Navigation and URLs

  • Customizing URL Aliases
  • Using the Pathauto Module for URLs
  • Understanding Drupal’s Menu System
  • Create a Quick Links Menu
  • Create a Quick Links Menu Block


  • How to Select Drupal Modules
  • Adding Date Fields
  • Adding Link Fields
  • Introducing the Entity Reference Module
  • Installing the Entity Reference Module

Views and Display Suite

  • Creating an FAQ Page With Views Relationships
  • Showing a User Image in Views With Relationships
  • Allow Users to Filter Your Views
  • Create an Exposed Filter for Job Listings
  • Introducing Display Suite
  • Create a View of All Users
  • A Custom Layout for User Profiles
  • Create a Photo Gallery

Event Calendar and Event Listings

  • Create an Event Content Type
  • Add a Menu Link for Submitting Events
  • Create an Events Calendar with Views
  • Custom Error Messages


  • Evaluating Themes
  • Install the AdaptiveTheme and Corolla Themes
  • Install the Adminimal Administration Theme

Content and Site Maintenance

  • Text Formats and CKEditor
  • Edit the New Text Formats
  • Customize the Content Editor Experience
  • Introducing the Workbench Module
  • Summary


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