A Holiday Giveaway from Template Monster

template monster

Template Monster are one of the most popular places to get designs for your website.

They have over 1800 WordPress themes, 1200 Joomla templates and 700 Drupal themes available.

This holiday season, we’re giving away some free Template Monster designs.

What Can You Win?

  • One of three free themes or templates.
  • One of five 50% discount coupons.

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How Can You Enter?

  • The competition is over. Thanks to all who entered.

The Winners

  • 100% coupons: Joomla Surfer, Chris Curtis, ons6
  • 50% coupons: Taiger, Scrooge, Roberto, joshua, marcel


  • Steve Burge

    Steve is the founder of OSTraining. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve's work straddles the line between teaching and web development.

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Small Cafe

Item: #41869

I have a couple of restaurant clients & want to expand that business. I like the clean style of this design.

Thanks & Merry Christmas


Drupal template #40340

Thx and happy holidays


Joomla Template #: 38597

Just Beautiful!

Merry Christmas


Drupal template #39655

Thank you.

Merry Christmas


Merry Xmas to all

Joomla Template Item number: 41250

would be my ideal xmas present

Have a safe and happy holidays!

Chris Curtis

i like this responsive wordpress theme #41530

happy holidays too!


WordPress Template #:41822

Thank you!!!

Merry Christmas

Template Type: Joomla

Item: #40237

Thank You

Happy Holiday!


Template Name: White Family WordPress Template by Mercury

Item number: 42048

Really great offer, thanks!

Knud Erik Asmussen

Merry Christmas to all

Joomla Template Item number: Template #42011


Joomla Template #42060

Oh so clean and nicely done. Would make a great redesign to my existing site to give it that professional look. Being responsive is an added bonus.

Even Santa would put me on the “Nice” list :O)


Template 41308 …it has the basic layout I was planning to attempt build from scratch…


Joomla #42011. My artist clients would like this. I like the mobile display. By the way, this sweepstakes is a really smart marketing move. I hadn’t looked at your templates before.


Joomla template 40537

Coming from a print background, I love this template as it is fresh and elegant and the muted color scheme (white background with contrasting dark text and borders) is a sign of professionalism – just what one wants when doing a business website.

Thanks and season greetings to the whole team!!


Template Name: Black Hotels Joomla Theme by Hinoriko

Item number: 41273

Template Type: Joomla


WordPress template # 41901

I love the layout, color choices, and font selections. Simple, clean, and fun.


WordPress theme #41041

I love the clean responsive design.

Big Mike

I really like WP theme #41041

That theme would shift my website up a gear for sure 🙂

Thanks for the cool competition.


Template Type: Joomla

Item: #37497

Author: Oldman


I like Joomla template #40838, Surfing. It would be perfect for my own site which I’m rebuilding. I love the full screen background and the fact that it’s responsive.




Template Type: Joomla

Item: 41621

Planning on trying to start a web design company later.

I think this one would be great to show what I would be able to do in Joomla.

Think the templates all need the FOLLOW US these days.


Catalonia #41586 – Very sleek and looks great on the phones


Jooomla Template 39320

I like this one for doing a charity website.

Gallery and a moving big image.

Well laid out, should let me display a lot of information

as the website develops over time.


Drupal theme #37465.

Finger crossed!


Item number: 42139 Type: Joomla template

Made me think about the song

Madness – (My Name Is) Michael Caine

All I want is …

About the template

I liked it because it looks simple at first.

When you scroll down you are given

3 great looking groups of information

that a user would have to pick at least one item.

Ghostbuster fan

Template type Joomla item number 39685

It’s cool the way the main pictures change as part of the title part, if you change your browser size too.

It allows you to add a small message about the picture.

When you click on the message, it appears to go to that page.

If only a hotel did not have a website.I will check the local hotel websites. see how they compare

Joomla Surfer

Jooomla Template


Looks like you could have 25 images on the home page.


you can display a range of items from different groups in the same place

Was it done with tabs?


drupal template

dovino #39654


You mean I have to pick just one? I feel bad that I only just heard about [url=http://TemplateMonster.com]TemplateMonster.com[/url] from this post. Well, if I have to pick one WordPress theme (since WP is what I use), it would have to be 42113.

It’s clean, but customizable in the sense that so many different images can make the design look like a wholly different site, whether you’re a small business or just running a fun personal blog. Plus, RESPONSIVE!!!


Item: #42010 (Joomla! template) – love the simplicity and animations.


I like Joomla template #42004. It has a clean look to it and will be ideal for my next web site.


i like this portfolio wordpress theme. it is responsive.

Item number: 40770



This one looks very good.

It has a great home page.

First there is a few articles being showed,

one at a time, with a picture and some short text.

Second there is another smaller scroller,

were the user has to click to see more.

Third there is three block areas,

each can have individual documents.

If you have plenty of information,

this template would be good.

Fourth, at the very bottom,

there are 9 block areas,

each can have one line text

that will lead to that page.

There is a little more but you should check it out yourself.

Hope I win a free one because it is Christmas day.


I like the Red Dirt Road template. Clean without being bland and bonus points for responsiveness.

Arthur Foulidis

41301 Because it’s awesomeeee !

Elegant and simple design that is very beautiful.


I have been burned twice by template monster. Their themes are basically just one-off hacks. Not usable for a website at all.




I want to get this template because i’m starting a charity organization with 2 friends. We are students and we don’t have a lot of money but want to make te world a better place. A website is crucial to get this project started.

Thanks in advance



Built with Bootstrap!


Holidays nearly over.


While playing about doing a web site about cars, displaying too much, it looks bad.

The content can appear to be more like a menu, space ways.

Having a menu at the very top makes sense, frees space below.

The use of tabs is a good way to increase the amount of space.

Colours are clear without having to be too fancy.

It would be good to have the data too, so I can see how the magic works.

Mr Stay Puff

Holidays nearly over.

So many winners. LOL.


While playing about doing a web site about cars, displaying too much, it looks bad.

The content can appear to be more like a menu, space ways.

Having a menu at the very top makes sense, frees space below.

The use of tabs is a good way to increase the amount of space.

Colours are clear without having to be too fancy.

It would be good to have the data too, so I can see how the magic works.


Love this, Jon! And so true!

The one thought I had when reading this is that I’ve seen more ‘successful’ bloggers copying ideas from less successful bloggers and not giving credit back… which can be discouraging when starting out. [url=http://indresult.com]http://indresult.com[/url]

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