The First Drupal, Joomla and WordPress Tweets


Twitter search has long been incomplete and difficult to use.

However, finally seems to have a reliable solution. They’ve built a search engine that covers Twitter’s entire history.

We thought it would be fun to look back at the very first tweets on some open source topics.

The oldest Drupal tweets


The oldest Drupal tweet ever is from @loganimal.

“setting up civiCRM on drupal, and fighting the temptation to watch Man U vs Benfica..need to be up at 8 am!”

Man U won 3-1, by the way.

The oldest Joomla tweets


@heimana sent the first tweet about Joomla. Google Translate produces this:

“yep, it rolls? will you spend to see something with a joomla template”

The oldest WordPress tweets


@chrismessina produced a very obscure memory with the first tweet about WordPress. Tumblelogs was the name given to the very first “microblogs”.

The oldest PHP tweets


Let’s just say that PHP did not come out well with its first tweet.

The oldest MySQL tweets


The third ever tweet about MySQL probably does a good job of summing up many people’s impressions of Twitter in 2006 … a string of garbled text message characters.


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