Display Suite Module – Taking Full Control of Your Layout

Full Class on this topic

This is a live blog of the session “Take Full Control of Your Site Layout with Display Suite for Drupal 7” by Kristof De Jaeger and Jan-yves Vanhaverbeke at DrupalCon London.

Display Suite is a module allows you to easily manage the layout of your site without knowing PHP and CSS. You can read our full Display Suite tutorial here.

Full Class on this topic

DS is one module with 2 support modules.

It is designed to replace the Panels module. You have control over every field in the node. (this is really good news). You can hide, manage, move, place every field in your node. You can even add custom/dynamic fields for a node.

You can add Views and block fields to your display – At first glance, this is so superior to Panels its not even a contest. Its more detailed, but not necessarily as confusing as Views/Panels.

If you need to enhance the layout of your Drupal site – this is definitely a module worth looking at.

Most of this session was a demo. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Once you select a layout for a particular display – everything is drag and drop.
  • You can still use the Views module – Display Suite is added as a selection for a view. Then it takes over. (I really wish they did screen recordings of these sessions… there’s just so much to see and try.)

We’ll see about making this a tutorial as soon as we can wrap our heads around all that it can do!

Of course – you can check it out for yourself! http://www.drupal.org/project/ds

We also have a detailed introductory tutorial for Display Suite here.


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