Easily Create QR Codes For Your Website or Marketing

Easily Create QR Codes For Any Site or Purpose

An OSTraining member asked us how to add QR codes to their website.

When used correctly, QR codes can provide a fast alternative for users to find exactly what they want, without searching or typing.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use the QR Code Generator to easily create codes.explain how you can use QR code generator for just about anything.

The QR Code Generator allows you to embed all sorts of different information inside a QR code:

  • Free text: send a custom message to the user.
  • URL: send a link to a website.
  • Contact: send contact details to the user’s phone.
  • Phone: send a phone number.
  • SMS: send a text message.

Let’s make a QR code for your site. In this example, I’ll create a QR code that sends a URL:

As you enter the URL into the field, you’ll instantly see the QR code on the right changes.

Should you need a specifically-sized QR code, you can use the options tab to adjust the size:

Now that we have our QR code, we can either share, save or print it.

If you save the file, you are given 3 formatting options: PNG, SVG or EPS. You can choose the PNG or SVG option for websites and choose the EPS option for printing on business cards and promo materials.

Finally, if you work with QR codes often, you can register on the site and use dynamic QR codes to change the result at any given time. This is very useful if you think you might need to update the information stored in the QR code.


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8 years ago

Have you used anything for designing custom shaped QR Codes? Example, a QR code shaped like a heart, in red, for a valentine’s special, etc. (Just an easy to describe example).

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