High Signal, Low Noise News for Your Favorite Software

High Signal, Low Noise News for Your Favorite Software

All of us are busy. All of us have over-flowing email inboxes.

It can be difficult to find sources of news that are high on signal and low on noise.

I’m going to recommend some ways that you can keep up-to-date with news about your favorite platform. These newsletters and RSS feeds contain a lots of useful news and few useless ads.

Drupal: The Weekly Drop

  • Websitehttp://theweeklydrop.com
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Content: This is probably the best of all the newsletters on this list, with detailed links to important Drupal news, tutorials, module releases and jobs. The Weekly Drop is officially partnered with the Drupal Association, so D.A. members will also get a copy of this newsletter.
  • Writer: Bob Kepford @kepford

weekly drop

There’s also a Drupal security mailing list with important announcements. To subscribe by email, log in to Drupal.org go to your user profile page and subscribe to the security newsletter on the Edit > My newsletters tab.

drupal security

Magento: #MagentoMonday Community Digest

magento forum

This is a super-useful resource, but it’s hard to subscribe to. Here’s how to get emails from Magento Monday:

  • Become a member on the Magento community site.
  • Browse to the “News & Announcements” forum.
  • Use the small menu in the top-right corner, and click “Subscribe”.


WordPress: Month in WordPress


Joomla: The Official Newsletter

joomla newsletter

You can also find several different Joomla mailing lists on https://developer.joomla.org.

developer joomla

Over to you

Do you have any recommendations for news sources that you find particularly useful?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below, and we’ll add the best ones to the main post.


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