Discord – To Boost or Not?

Discord - To Boost or Not?

Discord is freemium application available on pc, mac, and mobile devices, all you have to do to get started is download the application and create a free account. Although the base model is free, there are upgrades, or “boosts” in the Discord world, such as a Nitro Boosts and a Server Boosts. Nitro boosts effect your own account only, but it moves with you to every server you are a member of. Server boosts on the other hand only apply to the server boosted, but benefit EVERYONE in the server while they are in that specific server whether they have Nitro or not. Following up from my previous blog about Discord for Business, we are going to take a look at both of these offerings from a  business stand point.

Discord Nitro boost explanationDiscord Nitro Boosts

The Nitro boost costs $9.99/month or $99/year, basically giving you two free months. Nitro gives your account a some cosmetic additions, such as:

  • Custom Discord Tags
  • Animated Avatars
  • Custom Emojis

But the main attraction in Nitro for business people is that the boost gives you some performance enhancements too:

  • 100mb uploads instead of the standard 8mb
  • HD video screenshare and streaming
  • 2 free server boosts (30% off any more server boosts you want to buy while your nitro subscription is active)

Discord Server Boost ExplanationDiscord Server Boosts

The Server boosts cost $4.99/month each and are a little more complicated; there are three levels for server boosting.

  • First Level Server Boost
    – 128Kbps audio quality (free discord accounts get 64Kbps-96Kbps)
    720P 60fps video for live streams and screenshares
    The catch is that to reach the “first” level you must buy 2 server boosts (~$10/month).
  • Second Level Server Boost
    – Everything from First Level
    – 256Kbps audio quality
    1080P 60fps video for live streams and screenshares
    50MB upload limit for file sharing
    For the second level you must buy 15 server boosts (~$75/month).
  • Third Level Discord Boost
    – Everything from Second Level
    384Kbps audio quality
    100MB upload limit
    Vanity URL which some businesses might want this to look more professional
    For the third level you must buy 30 server boosts (~$150/month).

Remember, a Nitro subscription grants the benefits to just you and a server boost grants it to everyone, but only in the server you choose. So, from a business stand point, you might think that server boosts are the way to go, but Nitro might make more sense. If you have a team of 15 people, Nitro boosting all of them would give you the 30 server boosts you need to take your server to level three, plus eveyone gets the cosmetic additions and their benefits go with them on other servers. If paying monthly, it is ~$150/month for 15 people or ~$150/month for 30 server boosts. And, if you pay $99/year for all 15, you wind up with it only costing you $99/month for all 15 Nitros. One other option you might consider is for one person to have Nitro for $99/year and then add on the 28 server boosts needed to upgrade the server with the 30% discount you get with Nitro, so that makes them ~$98/month, so with the $99 you paid for the year, your monthly cost is now ~$107/month. So, it is worth looking at the number of team members you have and what benefits you really need to make the best decision on which way to go with boosts.

So, hopefully this blog will give enough information to descide what would work best for your situation, but if you need more details, Discord has a pretty indepth listing of all the features on their site, you can learn more about Nitro boosts here and Server boosts here.


  • Tyler T. has written several blogs for OST and further helped out by answering many of your questions/comments on said blogs.

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some guy

will my nitro boost get refunded if i leave


if you change your nitro (nitro to classic) does your server boosts disappear? 


Seems super expensive for a few perks… in my opinion.. small servers suffer. No one wants to pay $100+ to acquire the boosts needed to get upload limits increased and such.. for ONE month. I can get a whole Office365 account with 5 shares for $99 a year. Come on. In comparison, a few extra emojis and a 50mb upload limit don’t sound like much. I have nitro free for 3 months. The 2 free boosts got my fav server a few extra emoji slots and an animated server icon.. that’s about it. Love the IRC-like format and all.. but the premium add-ons are not worth the $ at all. 

concerned user

This is 100% the biggest problem stopping them from raking in tons of money off of this for business people like me. I use Discord day in and day out for a ton of what I do yet I still cannot justify server boosts or Nitro as it is simply way too expensive for the perks that it provides. Boosts would be great and feasible if they weren’t so damn expensive, 30% off is not enough.

Google User

Ah but you’re thinking of the classic nitro option, if you agree to give them more money (for whatever reason – $10) each month you boost you get a 3 month xbox game pass subscription. Which is less than the usual price.


Ive I have discord nitro (9.99) does that mean I get 2 boosts every months? I’m new to discord so I’m still trying to figure out a few things to help my friend out with his server 


If you have a regular server boost do you get a new boost each month you get charged or is it charges just for a single boost?

New Nitro Subscriber Jay

Okay so I boosted a server for the first time last month and I wanted to send them a couple boosts again because some people really helped me out on there.. would it be possible to somehow buy (for example…) 5 boosts to send to them as like a one time thing? or can I only purchase monthly packages with recurring bill cycles?

Thanks so much for your help, time and consideration.. I haven’t been able to figure this out personally and need some help tbh…


wait so you need to pay 10$ each month to maintain a level 1 boost on a server?


i have a question. if i have subscribed to 1 month nitro with boosts, then only use one boost untill my nitro ends, will i keep the 2nd boost for future use?


Are server boosts recurrent with your subscription? Like every month when the subscription is renewed do you get those 2 boosts every month? For the yearly subscription, would you also get 2 boosts a month?


You get two boosts at the start of your subscription and that is it. You can transfer those two boosts between servers, but you will not receive any additional boosts from your Nitro subscription each month. 


Thank you, KT, for helping us to clarify this topic.  We appreciate you taking the time to bring it to our attention that we were not being clear.  We have changed our wording to be more accurate and more easily understood.


if I buy 1 boost ( half the level 1 ) will next month i have the second boost or it will just renew the first boost ?


Which companies are using Discord to communicate with students or employees. Are there any examples where companies are using this platform for different purposes. 


[quote=Anonymous]Which companies are using Discord to communicate with students or employees.[/quote]

Black Hills Information Security and Wild West Hackin’ Fest use Discord to communicate with their students during online classes. 




I’m kinda confused on the monthly boosts. With a nitro subscription I boost two servers I enjoy, then next month do I get two additional boosts that I can boost two different servers with, or do I just get to keep the two I have already used? I know I can move my boost from one server to another, but does that mean I only have those two without purchasing more, or can I wait another month to add two additional boosts to these servers?

Does that make sense? I’ve been reading a bunch of articles but they seem to gloss over this, or I’m just not fully understanding.


[b]When is transfer my boost to other server do the boost on that server that I transfer is still 1 month?[/b]


The pricing’s absolutely ridiculous and a complete money grab. At the very least, allow people to pay like 30-40 bucks a month for level 2. 


if i buy discord nitro for 1 month ( the one worth 10$) i get 2 boosts, can i boost same server twice, so that im boosting the server for 2  months?


if i max boost my server will the fee stop

Tyler Tabor

I think you are asking if you max boost the server will discord not charge you? The answer is no.  They will charge you.  Any server boost you purchase only lasts for the month you purchased it. 


if i used my one free server boost, does that mean it will charge me every month afterwards?


I am assuming you are referring to the 2 free server boosts that you get with a Nitro subscription.  The boosts are NOT a one time fee then they’re yours to keep forever thing.  You only get the boosts for the month you have paid for them. Meaning: If you want to continue to have those 2 boosts, then you must pay every month.  The month you don’t pay – the 2 boosts go away.  


Here’s a question you might be able to help me with:

– Is Nitro + Boosting worthwhile if a person wants to record podcasts using Craig?

Here’s the situation:

– 2 podcasts. We always used Discord for remote episodes, recorded locally in Audacity, used Craig as a back-up.

– 1 podcast decided to record the audio for all participants on one machine using Discord audio, and ditched Craig and Audacity. We have problems on it. Garbled audio in places. Quality is waaaaay less than recording locally.

– 1 podcast still records locally with Audacity and backs up with Craig… but Craig is very unreliable. Sometimes it starts fine, other times not. Sometimes it stops without warning and throws everything off.

So, would buying Nitro and boosting the server for the podcast, and then having people sign into it to record, rather than the free route, solve the quality, distortion, and Craig issues?

I take a lot of pride in the quality of my second podcast (and I export the mp3’s at higher than 200Kbps, because I’m obsessed with the sound), but the editing is killing me. I just bought a Descript subscription for the Um/Ah removal and transcript service (it’s pretty damn magical). My biggest problem with locally recorded Audacity files is noise and clicking in the empty spaces between words. Discord takes all that out better than anything I’ve found… and I’m wondering if I should invest in Nitro and the fancier Craig, using Audacity as the backup, and changing my workflow.

Any thoughts? I didn’t even know about the difference in sound quality and server stability and the paid plan until today years old. So thank you for that =) 


Thanks swwetie


Do you have to keep boosting the server (monthly) to keep the benefits? 


Yes.  The benefits are ONLY valid when you pay.  If you only pay 1 month, then you only get those benefits for 1 month.  The boosts are subscription based – not a one-time fee.

Confused af

If I subsribe nitro on the first month, what will happen if I don’t have enough money to pay for the next month? Will it auto cancel my subscribtion?


If you are on a month-by-month payment plan, then yes. 


Correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m still confused about boosters.

One will get 2 free boosters from the start of the nitro subscription, regardless of the duration. (e.g. If I get Nitro Yearly, I get 2 free boosters. If I Nitro for 1 month, 2 free boosters. Nitro for 3 consecutive months, 2 free booster)


Yes. With Nitro, you get 2 boosts total.  If you pay for 1 month, you get 2 boosts for 1 month.  If you pay for 3 months, you get 2 boosts for 3 months.  If you pay for 1 year, then you get 2 boosts that last for 12 months.  The 2 boosts go away when you don’t pay.  


So I bought the nitro that gives 2 boost so the annual 10$ option I was wondering if I only use 1 nitro and dont use the other and I cancel the membership will I still have the nitro I didnt use or will it go away?


It is all subscription based; meaning you did not buy the Nitro.  You subscribed to Nitro plan which means that you only have the boosts during the time that you pay for your subscription.  When you cancel your subscription – just like with any subscription – you lose all access. I.e. you will lose the boosts (both of them).  They are only valid during the months that you have paid for.  Make sense?  You will no longer have access to either of the boosts once you cancel. 

Bagel Hajime

So ya know how if you want a refund under 5 days of using nitro..
Can you do that? if so, can it be exploited?
I saw a reply that you said you can get refunded under 5days.
So can you use it for 4-5 days, then get a refund and do it repeatedly?
I mean, sure it is annoying but like.. Is that a way to exploit? Cause if so that’s not good…


How do i buy a boost though

some other guy

my discord boosts say “This boost is included with your Nitro subscription”, what does that mean?


If i buy the “1 server boost monthly” do i still have the nitro i already have?


Does nitro give you 2 all time free server boosts if you stay subscribed or do you have to pay for the renewal


It’s a subscription.  If you don’t pay, it goes away.


Hi so assuming  that the server  you about to boost already  at lv 3 and people  are always  boosting . Would it contribute  anything if also start boost it now?


Huh, here is a question. (and I’ve had this on my mind for a while) While I have gifted some friends and saw their boosts transfer over to the new sub from the old one. Do boosts transfer over when resubscribing/gifting yourself? I’ve definitely seen this happen but I’m not 100% sure

Last edited 9 months ago by Castmovie987565
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