Display a Specific Node with Views in Drupal

Display an Specific Node with Views in Drupal 7

One of our users asked for a way to display a specific node inside a View. Luckily, Views for Drupal 7 has a filter criteria to achieve this requirement.

With the Node ID we can retrieve a single result. Let’s start…

Step #1. Find the Node ID

Before we can display a single node, we need to find its ID number. Follow this tutorial to find the node ID.

Step #2. Edit the view

  • If you have an existing view, go to Structure > Views > Your view.
  • Click Edit.
Views in Drupal 7
  • Under Filter Criteria, click “Add”.
Views in Drupal 7
  • Search for “Content: Nid” and check the box:
Views in Drupal 7
  • Click the “Apply (all displays)” button.
Views in Drupal 7
  • In the next screen select “Is equal to” and type the ID of the node you want to display:
Views in Drupal 7
  • Click the “Apply (all displays)” button
  • Save changes when you’re done.
  • Scroll down to see the preview and confirm the result is accurate.


  • Valentin Garcia

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8 years ago

What was your users use case for this ?

3 years ago

Nenhuma utilidade, visto que se quer exibir apenas um determinado conteúdo, chame-o diretamente ao invés da view.

TRANSLATION: It is not useful, since it was only wanted to show a certain content, directly to or inverse of the view.

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