You Should Use the Drupal Security Review Module

Drupal Security Review Module

There are two really useful checklist modules in Drupal:

In this video, taken from our Drupal 7 Security class, Robert introduces the Security Review module. He shows you how to fix some of the most common errors found by the module, such as “Base URL is not set in settings.php” and “Some files and directories in your install are writable”. Even if you think your site is safe, give the Security Review module and you may well find something you missed.


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Lone Worker Protection
Lone Worker Protection
7 years ago

I have used Drupal. I must say it is an ease of use for non-programmers. It is extremely flexible and scalable and handles a lot of the grunt work for user authentication and security.

Nick Savov
7 years ago

That’s a great summary of Drupal. Thanks for posting, LWP!

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