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By default, Drupal ships with a blog on the homepage. Whenever you add new content, that can be pushed to the blog of many articles on the homepage.

However, smaller sites may not have a lot of fresh content for the homepage. They may not need to use a module as large as Panels to design a complicated layout.

Sometimes one piece of content on your homepage is all you need. Here’s how to do that in Drupal:

Step 1. Create your homepage content

No modules needed. Nothing special. Just create the content you want on your homepage.

Make sure to save the URL of the page. In the image below, the URL is content/welcome-my-bacon-site.

Please make sure to remove any extra strings such #overlay=node/ from the URL


Step 2. Enter the homepage URL

Go to Configuration > Site information.

Enter the URL of your content into the Default front page area.


Click Save configuration.

Check your homepage and your content (and only your content) should appear.

Step 3. Remove any read more links

With some site setups you may see a Read more link for your homepage content.

If you do, use the Read More Control module:

Install and enable Read More Control.

Go to Configuration > Read more settings and you’ll be able to take control over your read more link:



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