LoginToboggan Extends Drupal’s Login System


LoginToboggan is a module that improves the login experience in Drupal.

It has over eleven useful features including options that allow you to:

  • redirect users after they login and send them to a page of your choice.
  • allow users to use their email address or username to login.
  • combine the login and registration areas on the same page.

Here’s how you use LoginToboggan:

Step 1: Download and Install

You can download this module from http://drupal.org/project/logintoboggan

LoginToboggan integrates with several other optional modules, including:


Go to Modules, then Install new module and follow the prompts to install.

Step 2: Enable the module


Return to the Modules page and check the box next to LoginToboggan. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Configuration.

There will be some integrations, but you will not be able to activate these unless you have installed the Rules and Variable modules as well.


Click Configure.

You will see this link after you have enabled the module and saved it. It is on the right side of the module’s row.

Step 3: Configure login parameters

  • Allow users to login using their e-mail address: Choose to disable or enable this feature. When it’s enabled they have a choice at login. E-mail addresses are often easier for them to remember than login names.
  • Present unified login/registration page: Place a check mark in the box to choose to have access to both functions on the same page. Leave it blank for separate tabs (the default).

Step 4: Set Registration Parameters

  • Two Email Fields: Enabling this requires the user to enter their email twice to insure they have done it correctly.
  • Set Password: Checking this will allow users to choose their initial password when registering.
  • Non-authenticated role: If set password is selected, then the user will be able to login immediately. This will be before they get their confirmation email and verify it. To prevent too much access too soon, create a role with safe permissions, which you can change later after review.
  • Delete unvalidated users after: Choose the correct time span from the drop down. Spam bots will register, but they won’t answer their validation emails. This deletes any users that haven’t confirmed their registration.
  • Immediate Login: Check this If set, the user will be logged in immediately after registering. Note this only applies if the ‘Set password’ option above is enabled.

Step 5: Set up redirections

  1. Put the path to the page you want the user to see after they have logged in.
  2. Put in the path to the page you want them to see after they confirm their email notification.

You can use either a basic Drupal URL such as http://example.com/node/13 or you can an aliased url like: http://example.com/about.

Be sure to check Override destination parameter. By default, priority is given to a “destination” parameter that includes the originating URL. If this is checked, the login toboggan will override this parameter.

Step 6. Set some simple rules

  • Present login form on access denied: Click Enabled to show a login-registration form when a user goes to page that is not permitted.
  • Display a login successful message – Enabled there is an extra message that confirms that the login action was successful.
  • Minimum password length – If you leave this to None, users will be able to login with as few as two characters. For security you should set some minimum number. The higher the number the more secure. Too high and it will be frustrating for users and discourage signups.

That’s it. Login Toboggan is designed to make the login process more user-friendly. It’s easy to install, and adds several features that your users will welcome.


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I found this very helpfull) thank you.


Can i remove any field from logintoboggan during login of user. I want to remove upload picture profile because i want upload only jpg file but login to loggan upload all files gif,png,jpg. and i want to remove pricing detail and some other field from user login page from login to boggan.

Hemant Saraf

Need help… basically repeating Mariana Botelho question, “How do we make the user land on the same page where he left from during his previous login?” thanks…

Anoop Singh

After registration I have redirect it to the lonin page but it do not show the successful register message what should I do Please suggest me …

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