Videos on Using Linkit with CKEditor in Drupal

Drupal CKEditor

CKEditor will be the default editor in Drupal 8 and is currently the most popular editor in Drupal 7.

However, in some respects, CKEditor isn’t very tightly integrated into Drupal. For example, it’s not able to access Drupal images or link to Drupal content.

The Linkit module is the best way to improve linking.

Linkit provides an auto-complete field for linking to nodes, users, files, terms, and fields. Linkit makes creating links significantly more user-friendly.

Here are 3 videos showing you how to use Linkit. We assume that you already have CKEditor installed. If you don’t, follow this tutorial or watch our full CKEditor class.

Using Linkit

{snippet linkitvideo1}

Configuring Linkit

{snippet linkitvideo2}

Adding Links

{snippet linkitvideo3}


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10 years ago

One minor nit to pick; you showed how to set up to link to a node, but you didn’t actually link to a node. Since you used a different number of tokens for users and nodes, it would have been nice to see what a linked node looked like.

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